With the Iron Mountain Total Offsite Records Solution for law firms, you design a strategic enterprise-wide records program to meet today’s operational efficiency and mobile access demands.

What if you could ...

  • Reduce paper records real estate and operational costs and reclaim space for billable hour services?
  • Design and implement an enterprise-wide digitization strategy based on current law firm best practices, workflows and information governance protocols?
  • Give mobile lawyers faster access to information for more efficient client service delivery?

Now you can. The Iron Mountain Total Offsite Records Solution allows law firms to move the right mix of their records operations - active/inactive files, discovery scanning, staff - offsite, and to create or supplement an enterprise-wide digitization program.

Dedicated Offsite Records Center

Move active and semi-active files from expensive onsite records areas to lower-cost offsite records centers. Employ Image on DemandTM or proactive imaging projects for fast access. Your staff or ours operates in your firm’s dedicated office and prep/review areas at one of our offsite records centers.

You choose from a menu of offsite records center services including:

  • Business plan and ROI analysis
  • Dedicated file area in our facility
  • Built-out office and prep/review room
  • Staffing services - imaging and records management
  • Image on demand services, including discovery scanning
  • Retrieval and re-filing services
  • Transportation services to move in/active files offsite
  • Defensible destruction workflows and services

Go Digital Smart

Our law firm team works with you to design a customized enterprise digitization strategy and workflows. It may be a combination of onsite and offsite scanning processes, and can include scan capture technology from our partner DocSolid® to integrate imaged documents into your official repository. Flexible staffing models, as well as assistance with attorney cultural change, are also available. The key is this is customized to what makes sense for your firm --financially, culturally and operationally.

You choose from a menu of digitization services:

  • Technical services for joint development of a digitization strategy, information governance, and program
  • Imaging workflows and protocols for consistent governance
  • ROI analysis
  • Imaging services and legal expertise, including discover scanning
  • Delivery of images for storage in firm's designated repository or in our secure data centers
  • DocSolid technology to automate image integration into your repository
  • Gain insight and assistance with the cultural change curve