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We are committed to environmental stewardship

Our key goals are to know, share and address the environmental impacts of our business. We believe that by pursuing environmental stewardship and seeking to reduce our footprint, we can deliver better results for our business and for the environment. This idea requires that we look at our business in a new way with new tools and new understanding. The reward is to find unseen efficiencies, engage our employees and customers more effectively, and ultimately, inspire innovation.

2015 Goals

Climate Change: In 2015 we will achieve zero increase in GHG emissions holding at 324,000 Tons CO2e

Energy Efficiency: In 2015 we will reduce facility energy use by 3% to 534,000 MWhrs

Renewable Energy: In 2015 we will increase the use of renewable energy such as on-site solar 6 fold, to 2.4 Million KWhrs

Our Initiatives

In 2012, we began the process of evaluating the impacts our business has on climate change and what impacts climate change might have on our business. This process lead to a deeper understanding of our environmental footprint and helped identify areas where we could deliver better outcomes for the environmental and for our business. To help us make progress, we committed to tracking and sharing our GHG impact. We report our results publicly through our Corporate Responsibility report and through the Carbon Disclosure Project. Over the past few years, we have successfully implemented several projects that are helping us manage and reduce our GHG footprint.
Since 2012, we have invested $11 million in lighting and HVAC upgrades in over 200 facilities in the United States and Canada. These efforts have created significant shared business and environmental benefits by reducing our operating costs and reducing electricity consumption. In 2014 we saved enough electricity to power over 3,000 homes per year. In 2015 we have a goal to reduce facility energy use by 3% from last year to 534,000 MWhrs.
Using renewable energy is not only a good environmental choice, it can be a good business choice as well. On-site solar installations is one way we can secure long term cost stability and reduce current expenses. Through a long-term agreement with SunEdison we host solar installations on some of our facilities. This also supports the growth of the solar industry. As these systems come on-line, less electricity is needed from other sources, most of which would burn fossil fuels to produce power. In 2013, we commissioned the first system hosted at an Iron Mountain site in Windsor, CT. In 2014 we increased our on-site solar capacity to a total of 2MW. In 2015 our goal is to increase the use of renewable energy including on-site solar power by 6 fold to at least 2.4 million KWhrs.
Our fleet of trucks and vans is a key component in the work we do and the services we provide to our customers. We implement policies and embrace new technologies that increase efficiency and curb our environmental impact. Since 2011, we have used improved routing software and performance reporting to make changes to our weight load per truck and increase our routing optimization. This has allowed us to use fewer vehicles and drive fewer miles, resulting in lower GHG impacts.

Our Planet Stories

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LEDs Light the way: IM retrofits over 7,000 light fixtures

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