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Effective January 10, 2018: Iron Mountain has acquired Phoenix-based colocation provider IO. For more information on the transaction, please view the official press release.

IO is now Iron Mountain


Effective May 30, 2018: EvoSwitch Netherlands is now Iron Mountain. For more information on the transaction, please view the official press release.

Data Centers & Colocation

225,000+ Customers - 95% of the Fortune 1000 - 30+ Years of Colocation Excellence - Highly Secure & Reliable

Not sure you can trust third party data center providers? We get it. Your data center is serious business. And it feels safer to keep it in-house.

Despite the natural concern about losing control of your data center, highly regulated companies and public sector organizations overwhelmingly select third-party providers to replace aging internal facilities or add new capacity. Why? Lower total cost of ownership, increased operational efficiency, predictable cost structure, consumption-based pricing, reduction in CAPEX, agility in a cloud-based world with smart, seamless expansion.

Iron Mountain data centers meet the exacting requirements of the world's most demanding organizations. However, what really sets us apart is the confidence we instill in every customer. Iron Mountain works with 225,000+ customers across the globe including 95% of the Fortune 1000. Whether you are a growing company in need of an individual cabinet or a multi-national looking for a 20,000 square-foot dedicated data center, you can trust Iron Mountain as your data center provider to protect what matters most.

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Why Choose Iron Mountain As Your Data Center Provider?

  • 60+ Years of Operational Excellence
  • Customer-Inspired Data Center Design
  • Comprehensive Compliance Support
  • Predictable, Transparent Cost Model
  • Confidence in Long-Term Scalability

diverse offering: individual cabinets to dedicated data centers

Wholesale Data Center

Wholesale Data Centers

Need 50+ cabinets or 250+ kilowatts of IT load? You qualify as an Iron Mountain wholesale data center customer. Benefits include customer-inspired data center design, flexible deployment model, metered "pay-as-you-go" power pricing…
Dedicated Data Center

Dedicated Data Centers

Our largest offering, Iron Mountain dedicated data centers are frequently chosen by enterprise/Fortune 1000 customers, public-sector agencies, technology services providers, large healthcare and financial services…

Private Data Center Suites

There is a reason private data center suites are one of Iron Mountain's most popular services. Customers enjoy the privacy and control of a dedicated data center without the top-level wholesale commitment. Is strict access control…
Underground Data Center

Underground Data Centers

Iron Mountain underground data centers feature numerous benefits such as natural energy efficiency, reduced risk of man-made disasters, a nearly unlimited floor-load weight capacity and an additional physical security...

Secure Data Center Cages

Looking for data center capacity for six+ cabinets (30+ kilowatts) with more flexibility and privacy than a standard locking cabinet? Consider Iron Mountain secure data center cages. Secure cages provide additional physical security...
Data Center Services

Data Center Services

What is the current state of your IT and data center operations teams? Overworked? Lean-staffed? Would access to on-demand resources be helpful? Have you considered Iron Mountain data center services?

iron mountain us data center locations

12 Colocation Facilities; 3 Continents; 2.5M+ Gross SF

Boston Data Center

Denver Data Center

Denver Data Center

Kansas City Data Center

Kansas City Data Center

New Jersey Data Center | New Jersey Datacenter

New Jersey Data Center

Virginia Data Center

Northern Virginia Data Center

Ohio Data Center | Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnatti

Ohio Data Center

Phoenix Data Center - Exterior

Phoenix Data Center

Scottsdale Data Center

Scottsdale Data Center

Pennsylvania Data Center

Western Pennsylvania Data Center

Amsterdam Data Center | Amsterdam Data Centre

Amsterdam Data Center

London Data Center | London Data Centres

London Data Center

Singapre Data Center

Singapore Data Center

Iron Mountain Data Centers: Colocate with Confidence. Protect What Matters Most.


Recognized, Respected Brand

Max Productivity

30+ Years Remote Support Experience


Low PUE, Minimal Waste, Reduced TCO

Predictable Growth

Long-Term Capacity, Agile Expansion

Mitigated Risk

Comprehensive Compliance Support


DCIM, Asset Tracking, Metered Power

We Know Your Business. See How Iron Mountain Data Centers Address Specific Industry Needs.

Enterprise Data Center


Iron Mountain is ideal for today's enterprise with our customer-inspired data center design, ample wholesale capacity for predictable expansion, comprehensive compliance support, strong uptime track record, and national brand that instills buyer confidence.
Healthcare Data Center

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Regulations concerning the hosting, storage, and transmission of electronic protected health information (ePHI) have become increasingly more intense over the past few years. Iron Mountain is well-versed in HIPAA compliance and maintains Business Associates Agreements (BAA's) with numerous healthcare providers and payers.
Government Data Center

Government & Public Sector

With FISMA High compliance and a longstanding history serving the Federal Government and public sector agencies, Iron Mountain data centers address exacting government needs. We also have the capacity, strong uptime track record, and recognizable brand to instill confidence for even...

Financial Services & Banking

Regulations concerning the hosting, storage, and transmission of sensitive data like credit card information, social security numbers, and other PII have become increasingly more intense over the past few years. The Iron Mountain data center team is well-versed in PCI-DSS compliance and we work with...

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451 Research’s Melanie Posey, Research Vice President and General Manager Voice of the Enterprise and Dan Thompson, Senior Analyst, and Iron Mountain’s Charisse Richards, Senior IT Leader for Iron Mountain Data Centers to explore how colocation is evolving into an important foundation of hybrid IT

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