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We Recommend a Dedicated Data Center. 200+ Cabinets of Capacity All to Yourself.
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Are you looking for data center capacities of more than 200 cabinets or 1,000 kilowatts? Have you considered an Iron Mountain dedicated data center?

Our largest offering, Iron Mountain dedicated data centers are frequently chosen by enterprise/Fortune 2000 customers, US Government agencies, technology services providers, large healthcare and financial services companies, and data center resellers. However, Iron Mountain dedicated data centers are built to address the exacting needs of any company, regardless of size or industry regulation.

Considering decommissioning an end-of-life data center? Weighing the benefits of a new-build data center versus a third-party facility? Either way, the advantages of choosing an Iron Mountain dedicated data center are extensive. You can optimize project financials by reducing upfront CAPEX and long-term TCO. Save even more time and money by eliminating the entire construction process. Reduce time-to-value with proven Iron Mountain best practices, existing physical security layers, customer-inspired data center design, and on-demand data center services.

Is your company highly regulated? Enjoy peace of mind knowing our dedicated data centers, processes, and procedures have undergone extensive auditing, thereby strengthening and streamlining your regulatory process. Our team will earn your trust and gather a comprehensive list of requirements to ensure seamless vision transfer. Other benefits include the cost-efficiency of metered power, the transparency of DCIM, layout/term flexibility, and rapid commissioning.

The icing on the cake? Iron Mountain data centers feature 100% uptime track records as well as a 100% uptime SLA. This means maximum employee productivity and minimized negative exposure to corporate IT influencers.

Dedicated data centers are offered at Iron Mountain's Boston, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City locations.

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Protect What Matters Most - Benefits of Iron Mountain Data Centers


Recognized, Respected Brand

Max Productivity

30+ Years Remote Support Experience


Low PUE, Minimal Waste, Reduced TCO

Predictable Growth

Long-Term Capacity, Agility

Mitigated Risk

Comprehensive Compliance Support


DCIM, Asset Tracking, Metered Power

Did you Know?

Our data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy thanks to Iron Mountain investment in Pennsylvania and Texas wind farms.

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Dedicated Data Center

Dedicated Data Centers

Our largest offering, Iron Mountain dedicated data centers are frequently chosen by enterprise/Fortune 1000 customers, public-sector agencies, technology services providers, large healthcare and financial services…

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