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Paramount Pictures Case Study

“For many years it was important to place film and video tape assets in the countries where they would be used. Now we’ve moved to a tapeless distribution workflow… Iron Mountain was a great choice when we worked on our consolidation effort to bring materials from all over the world.”
-Andrea Kalas, Vice President of Archives, Paramount Pictures

When Paramount Pictures needed to centralize and streamline its worldwide asset library, Iron Mountain was the obvious choice for a partner. With assets in dozens of countries spanning 100 years of movie history, Paramount’s library was one of the largest in the world. Iron Mountain’s digital asset management expertise helped Paramount transform its distribution system into a modern digital asset management system that serves its worldwide business goals.

Digital Management & Secure Distribution

Iron Mountain specializes in implementing digital asset management systems at enterprise scale. Our technological capabilities ensure that your assets will be accessible worldwide and continuously upgraded as needed.

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Iron Mountain brings industry-leading security and asset management expertise to your media. Iron Mountain partners with major corporations, media companies, and institutions to safeguard some of the world’s most valuable assets.

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Digital Record Center® for Images

A missed opportunity, a lost master or misplaced tape, can mean the difference between succeeding in a competitive market or falling behind. That’s why Iron Mountain has developed the archive industry’s leading digital archiving system that can ingest, preserve, and distribute your assets globally in digital or physical form.

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Grammy Museum

With Iron Mountain’s technological and archive expertise, the museum has developed practices to preserve and showcase its varied holdings.

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Customer Success Stories

Trans World Entertainment

Iron Mountain Recreates Proprietary Music and Video Software for Trans World Entertainment with Technology Escrow and Verification Services.

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General Articles

Iron Mountain Entertainment Services: Guardians of Our Musical Heritage

The recording industry looks to Iron Mountain’s advanced best practices for preserving, archiving and, in many cases, restoring some of the world’s greatest recorded musical works. Read more.

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