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Managing the information lifecycle is vital to the functional health of any organization. From creation to use to disposition, every step of the information lifecycle requires planning and processes to ensure order and prevent chaos.

The primary tool in digital and physical information life-cycle management is a records retention schedule. At the most fundamental level a retention schedule dictates how long to keep documents according to the state, federal and industrial regulations that apply to your organization.

While a functioning records retention policy is a crucial element of compliance, it also enables your organization to manage the information life-cycle completely and efficiently. The Iron Mountain® Policy Center solution is a user-friendly, online platform to help you keep your retention schedule up to date.

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Iron Mountain® Policy Center Solution

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Pre-Built Retention Schedules

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Customized Retention Schedule

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Industry Specific Retention Schedules

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Fundamentals of Records Retention Schedule

A records retention schedule is a policy document that defines an organization's legal and compliance recordkeeping requirements.

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