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Proactive Preparation

What a 7-year-old's toy room can teach you about proactive information management

Managing your company's information does not need to be hard.

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Your Challenge
Your Pain
Your Risks
Your Opportunity

Your Challenge

The volume of paper and electronic records is constantly growing.

You don’t know what to keep and what to throw away. But it's hard to find what you need when you do need it.

Your Pain

Your operational costs rise when inefficient processes damage your productivity which can also negatively impact customer service and revenue. And what about the risk?

Your Risks

Trying to keep too much information pushes storage costs higher. Efficiency also suffers because there is too much non-critical information to look through to do your job. Regulatory compliance risk rises when you can’t produce what’s required on time.

Your Opportunity

What if you could make your information work for your company, your customers and you?

A proactive plan for managing the information that drives your operations each day will enable you to realize a true business advantage.

What's Next?

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Talk with an Iron Mountain Professional to learn about our proven formula: a six-step methodology built upon proven best practices for developing, implementing and sustaining your own records and information management program. This framework has been successfully implemented with over 3,000 Iron Mountain customers.

  • Get a face to face assessment to determine how you can develop or refine your own comprehensive records and information management program.


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