2014 Records Information Management Benchmark Findings: Highlights Video

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2014 Records Management Benchmark Findings

Sue Trombley, Iron Mountain Managing Director, Thought Leadership

ST: I’m Sue Trombley and I’m the Managing Director of Thought Leadership at Iron Mountain. Today, I want to talk to you about our recently published benchmark report. This report is really meant to give you the kind of information that you need to self-assess, understand where you are and how you compare to your peers.

We’ve reached out to a number of people this year, including all of ARMA’s members, all of AIIM’s members, Cohasset’s customer community, and Iron Mountain’s customer base in order to really make this a large population from which we can pull information to get a solid sense of where records and information management and information governance sits today.

Through this collaboration we were able to get more than 1,500 responses, from many different verticals within the records and information management space and internationally.

I’m going to cover a couple of major takeaways from the benchmark report. Seventy-four percent of companies are reporting that they have an efficient way to manage their lifecycle of information from birth to, death. So again that’s moving in the direction of a solid information governance program. And 72 percent say that they have an efficient way of managing discovery processes. So the policies and procedures and networks in place to make sure they can identify the responsive information, preserve it, and then deliver it when it’s required for litigation instances.

So the not-so-good side of the benchmark findings is that only 8 percent of companies are stopping to really measure performance of their programs. And this is disconcerting, because if you’re ever called in to defend your program, you may not be able to. And what we’re finding is, again through the benchmark report, is that there’s very little training happening in many of the organizations that participated in the study.

Twenty-three percent actually conduct training every year – which is great. But then a full 26 percent never do any training at all, and then the rest fall in between. So clearly we’re not getting the message across to our employees because additionally, in the benchmark we’re learning that 7 percent of the companies report that employees just aren’t engaged – they do not have the engagement of the employee in order to make the program a success.

So again, we’re talking about that disconnect between having all of the right policies and procedures in place, but not carrying through and getting the message to the employee who is, in effect, the creator of the information.

So what are some of the next steps that you can take?

Well certainly you can go to our Iron Mountain Thought Leadership Portal in order to start getting some practical advice about tacking these issues where we’re not performing so well. We’re going to talk about training – how best to reach as many employees as possible. We’re going to talk about defensible destruction, and how to break through that barrier of wanting to keep everything.

So we encourage you, through the year, to continue to come to the thought leadership portal at, in order to get the advice and those action items – and more importantly practical advice – that will help you break through these barriers to success.

We are committed to helping you become more successful as information governance professionals.
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