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Whether you leave your car at home for the day, organize to clean a community park or endeavor to stop using single use plastic going forward – any action you take to impact the environment in a positive way matters.

Many Mountaineers have committed to a #myearthdaypledge. Read through their ideas to find solidarity and inspiration.
Andrew Frost - Pledge

"I Will Go Vegan For The Day"                   Andrew Frost - Data Centers Specialist

IM pledge 2019

"Our pledge to help the environment by giving back with these Trees which give off oxygen that we need to breathe and provide food, protection and homes for many birds and insects"                        Iron Mountain Newcastle Employees

Daren Woollard - Pledge

"Leave the car at home"                              Darren Woollard - Data Center Specialist

Belvedere Earth Day Pledge

"We pledge to help the environment by ensuring all non-essential energy services are shut down on the site on April 22nd"                                             Iron Mountain Belvedere Employees



It is estimated that Iron Mountain's Secure Shredding service keeps 450,000 tons of paper out of landfills each year.
Bike to work once a week

"I will bike to work once a week"            Benjamin Davidson - Operations Supervisor

Earth Day - P Lyddon

"I pledge to help the environment by planting a tree on April 22nd."                  Peter Lyddon - Health & Safety Coordinator UK

Earth Day - Graeme Mackie

"I will recycle old electronics"                   Graeme Mackie - Customer Service Director

Earth Day - L Hutchison

"I pledge to not produce any travel emissions on April 22nd."                     Louise Hutchison - Compliance Auditor & Environmental Affairs Manager 

100% Renewable


Iron Mountain data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy thanks to carbon credit assistance and low PUE. We are part of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) that works across customers, suppliers, and policymakers to identify barriers to buying renewable energy and develop solutions that meet growing demand.
Nabil Askri

"Going vegan for the day"                        Nabil Askri - Operations Supervisor

Nigel Kelly Pledge

"I pledge not to use any plastic material for the day"                                              Nigel Kelly - Data Center Specialist

Shaun Cooke - Pledge

"I will unplug electrics at night"               Shaun Cooke - Data Center Specialist

Sue Woodhouse - Pledge

"I pledge to walk to work for the day"       Sue Woodhouse - Data Center Specialist

What’s your Earth Day pledge?

Let us know on our social channels using the hashtag #MyEarthDayPledge:

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