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Did you know that in less than 10 years, 75 percent of workers across the globe will be millennials? With this growing rate, and the number of employees within Iron Mountain’s own walls, in January 2016, we launched Millennials@IM, our newest Employee Resource Group (ERG).

During our internal launch campaign, Jessica Bundy, Marketing Manager and chair of Millennials@IM, shared her thoughts on the importance of engaging with this new generation of employees and the impact they can have on the future of our company. But it’s even more than that. Better understanding millennials’ minds can also help us better understand the minds of our customers. That’s why the group is open to employees of all ages committed to understanding this generation and how their unique characteristics will change the way we do business.

“Millennials@IM is a group of employees focused on growing their skillsets and careers by participating in training and networking activities while creating an open dialogue between staff and upper management,” Jessica said. “Our success as a company requires us to engage millennials in order to retain this demographic presence and fill future leadership positions.”

The goals in launching this new ERG are to:

  • Provide a space where millennials can network with one another.
  • Grow the skillsets of our millennial employees.
  • Provide guidance and resources for managers of millennials.
  • Educate the workforce about hiring, engaging and retaining millennials.
  • Better understand our millennial customers so we can provide the right services in the right format and ensure future revenue.
  • Share ideas on how to improve our environment and the way we work across generations.

Melissa Cantarow, Marketing Manager and communications lead for Millennials@IM, said a number of internal events were already in the works, including a speaker series and developmental sessions on topics such as money management and social media.

Jeff Anthony, Vice President of Iron Mountain Entertainment Services, is honored to be the group’s Executive Sponsor. “With this new Employee Resource Group, Iron Mountain is showing that we are committed to better understanding and leveraging the various generations in the workplace,” Jeff said. “We are also now better positioned to cultivate young talent that is going to move the company forward in the future.”

Email us to learn more about Millennials@IM!

Introducing Millennials at Iron Mountain