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Iron Mountain recently received a Corporate Humanitarian Award for our commitment to supporting veterans.

In November 2015, Ty Ondatje, Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Chief Diversity Officer; Raymond Fox, Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Development; and Ty Mericle, District Manager and Chair of Veterans@IM joined William James College in a panel discussion for employers to explore the opportunities they can provide to returning veterans. William James College has the largest graduate psychology program in New England, and during the event, they gave us a 2015 Corporate Humanitarian Award for our commitment to hiring and supporting military service members.

“Iron Mountain’s veteran employees are a source of strength, courage and integrity,” said Ty Ondatje. “We are honored to have received this award and grateful to have been part of this discussion to better hire, support and retain veterans. That said, inclusion is a transformational effort. We have real work ahead of us to continue to create an environment of involvement, respect and connection for all employees, including the men and women who have safeguarded the freedoms and values that are so important to the countries we operate in around the world.”

As of November 2015, 4.4 percent of our employees have identified as a military veteran, compared to 3.6 percent the previous year. Two things that contributed to this progress included an increased focus on recruitment and greater promotion of our Veterans@IM employee resource group for veterans, active duty and reserve employees and their families.

“We are very fortunate to work for an organization like Iron Mountain, which gives us the support to achieve the Veterans@IM Mission Statement of recruiting, retaining, and promoting veterans,” said Ty Mericle. “We also acknowledge there is much more work to be done in each of these areas, and as with any challenge, this is one we gladly take on. This will hopefully serve as the internal leadership for culture change throughout the company.”

The Corporate Responsibility team is currently reviewing their 2016 strategy, which will include increasing membership of Veterans@IM, expanding a mentoring program pairing veteran new hires with other veterans to increase transition support, updating training for managers and recruiters on the value of hiring and developing veterans, and researching how to identify and support military/veteran spouses.

"It’s up to employers like Iron Mountain and colleges like William James to work together in order to create a support system for our nation’s heroes,” said Nicholas Covino, president of William James College. “They deserve to succeed as they make the transition back to civilian life.”

Rewarding Our Commitment to Veterans