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We use our time, talent and treasure

Iron Mountain’s robust network of 24,000 employees and 1,400 facilities are actively engaged in our global community. We offer volunteerism, financial grant awards and in-kind service to non-profits and non-government organizations to help make our neighborhoods a better place to work and live. The majority of our philanthropy is completed through two programs: the Living Legacy Initiative for financial grants and in-kind services and Moving Mountains with volunteerism.

The Living Legacy Initiative is our charitable commitment to preserve and make accessible cultural and historical information and artifacts accessible and we leverage our company’s strengths to make a difference. Living Legacy grants provide nonprofit agencies, museums and other non-government organizations with cash contributions, in-kind services or customized solutions. In addition, we also support our communities through our Moving Mountains volunteer program which encourages, rewards and shares employee volunteerism by offering 16 hours of paid time off to eligible employees in North America for community service.

Key Highlights

Since we began the Living Legacy Initiative in 2015, we have partnered with 14 organizations and contributed over $2,628,000 to organizations.

Iron Mountain has supported more than two dozen projects, preserving and making accessible our world’s most precious historical and cultural assets.

Our Initiatives

Our employees are actively engaged in their individual communities through our Moving Mountains volunteer program. This program encourages them to make an impact, support their personal causes and report their results. In addition, Iron Mountain offers all full-time employees in the U.S. and Canada 16 hours of paid time off annually to volunteer.

May is dedicated as “May is Moving Mountains Month” where employees are encouraged to volunteer for their favorite causes and win awards for their organizations. Iron Mountain also shares an employee’s volunteer story each week on its internal website to inspire others’ call to action.

The Living Legacy Initiative

The Living Legacy Initiative is Iron Mountain’s commitment to preserve and make accessible cultural and historical information and artifacts. We believe we have a responsibility to help protect and share information that is unknown, at-risk or not widely accessible so that both current and future generations are able to learn and benefit from it
Iron Mountain believes that it has a responsibility to create social value in the communities in which we operate. We are committed to pursuing that responsibility and being a helpful member of our communities worldwide. Every day we protect our customers’ most vital assets and information and we extend that same expertise to non-profits and non-governmental organizations through our Living Legacy Initiative.


How the Living Legacy Initiative works

Iron Mountain’s objective is to build mutually beneficial partnerships that represent the best outcomes for our mission, community, partners and business. Grant partners are established on a rolling, annual basis; developed by the program manager and voted on by the Living Legacy Committee. We look at factors including how partnerships connect and drive our commercial business; an organization’s mission; its geography and catchment area; the historical time period; its ability to affect customer or employee engagement; and the opportunity for public awareness. Living Legacy helps museums and other nonprofit institutions protect and provide access to a myriad of cultural and heritage data resources by offering a combination of financial grants, in-kind services and customized management expertise.


Why this work is so important

Historical and cultural information is a record of who and what we are as a global community. We must preserve these treasures and assure that they are accessible before they are lost due to destruction or the passage of time. Iron Mountain strives to support organizations that create a link between the public and cultural, historical and educational legacies. To lose a piece of our culture or heritage is to lose a piece of ourselves.

Why Iron Mountain believes it can make a difference

We are the guardians of our customers’ most important assets. We offer our charitable partners our 60+ years of experience and expertise as the world’s largest information management and storage company with an expansive service network across 52 countries knowledge on how to protect and manage data and physical artifacts.

Our Communities Stories

First Living Legacy Partnership in South America- Rapa Nui

First Living Legacy Partnership in South America

Through our partnership with CyArk—the non-profit which aims to digitally record, safeguard, and archive world heritage sites—Iron Mountain helped preserve the moai of Rapa Nui (more commonly known as Easter Island) in Chile.
Stonewall Bar

Honoring LGBTQ+ History Through Preservation

In 2016 President Barack Obama designated the Stonewall National Monument the first LGBTQ National Park site in America.
Days of Rememberance - Iron Mountain

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Days of Remembrance

In honor of the “Days of Remembrance,” Iron Mountain participated in the annual event on April 28-29, 2019 in Washington, DC.
Iron Mountain and CyArk Digitally Preserve the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico

America Transformed: Mapping the 19th Century

Iron Mountain announces our partnership with the Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center for their exhibition America Transformed: Mapping the 19th Century, which will be accessible from May 2019-May 2020.