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March is Women’s History Month


Iron Mountain believes in working towards a more gender-balanced world and we are proud to support the women of our community who are building on the foundations forged by the heroes of their past to spark lasting change.

We asked a few Mountaineers what a gender-balanced world meant to them and to talk about a woman from history, or from their personal life, who has inspired them to strive for a better gender balance. Their responses are heartfelt and well worth the read. Here is what they had to say:

“#BalanceforBetter starts with your belief in the principle within you; that as a woman you belong in the boardroom, the workplace, the committee as much as any man. Ask questions. Seek out support. Find guidance and mentors who will help you on the path you are destined to walk. These champions will reinforce your voice and bolster your confidence in your undeniable ability to make change, wherever it is that is, unique to you. Before you know it, you will be the Balance in the boardroom, the workplace or the committee because you will believe it and so will those around you; inspiration is not gender-specific. ”

Sally O’Grady, Senior Sales Operator Business Partner

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"#balanceforbetter isn’t about the token female(s) in the room or on the board. It’s about making a conscious choice to seek diversity in perspectives, opinions, and life experiences which are inherent through diversity in gender, and beyond. It’s about seeking to effect a shift in our culture, and striving to achieve a state where gender balance doesn’t need to be a conscious choice because it’s naturally occurring in the workplace the same way it is in the biological environment. It’s about getting to a place where no women in a position of power needs to wonder whether her position was achieved on anything other than merit. It’s about removing the glass ceiling and overcoming the glass cliff."

Leslie Alore, Director, Regional Marketing, Global Marketing

"Gender balance to me is fairness of treatment regardless of sex or stereotypes. It is equal access to opportunities, education and decision making. I think it is often excused for culture or tradition but it is about people having the freedom to be themselves and to make their own choices which are not dictated by gender. It is not just a concern for women, as men are underrepresented in certain environments and work places too."

Gemma Hiley, Contract Manager

Without wanting to sound cliché, it would be my mum as she is exceptionally hard working and has a good career in the financial sector. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and both my parents taught me to do the same.

My parents never dictated what toys we played with as children or activities we participated in based on gender. My brothers were allowed to play with dolls and I was encouraged to play football and sport. I did everything my brothers did. In reference to my education and career, I was pushed to do what I enjoyed not what was expected by society based on gender stereotypes. I think this was important in shaping the views I have today.

"In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I would like to close with a quote from Emma Watson. To me, this quote reflects the importance of us all working together to be successful. After all, it really does take a village! “Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum, instead of two sets of opposing ideals.” "

Julie Blea, Manager, Sales Effectiveness, Vice Chair, Women@IronMountain ERG

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“To me personally, gender balance within a business context means all employees having a voice that can be heard and an opportunity to influence their workplace and company regardless of their gender. I strongly believe that gender balance brings greater diversity of thought, which can positively impact overall business performance. I am proud to support and drive #balanceforbetter at Iron Mountain”

Rachel Jerams, HR Director

“It means the feminine half of the global population would be fully utilized in all the positive ways to help us all develop in terms of sustainability, equity, productivity, empowerment, wealth, health, education and science. Considering half of the planet population are women, failing to balance genders is like a person using a crutch when having two perfectly healthy legs. It’s human race crippling itself and shackling half of its potential. I personally think the biggest fight to change this lays with us women, who need to be braver, change the way we see ourselves and other women around us and be an example for next generation. We need to act like and consider ourselves partners in a team with equal rights, responsibilities, potential and expectations. We need to support each other and refuse to give in to prejudice or fear of any kind when choosing our way in life. ”

Mihaela Gulie, Data Center Specialist

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Not a historical figure, but I was always inspired by novel character of Scarlet O’Hara from Gone with the wind because she refused to follow rules set by family and society and to embrace traditional women paths when they were in contradiction with her personality and thinking. She was a strong woman who took life in her own hands, determined to achieve her goals despite public opprobrium and family and society pressure.

“Talent & Passion is hidden in every individual & undoubtedly not specific to gender. Talent will remain unexplored when equal opportunity is deprived due to social or cultural constraints. Business and economy can flourish by achieving gender balance. “Equal opportunity” is the key for gender balance and optimizing the available talent. ”

Poornima Jaganath, Site Leader IMS, Business Enablers

My inspiration – “My Mom”: Gorgeous lady with ultimate leadership qualities and managed most complex situations and relationships extremely well. Voracious reader, though had very minimum formal education, enriched herself with worldly wisdom. She lived as an example and taught me values of life. Complex and sensitive issues were taught while narrating stories effortlessly. Today, I get all my answers just by closing my eyes and think what my mom would have done in this situation. Her positive impact would have reached beyond family and friends with better opportunity and exposure. There are multiple such treasure hidden and I am glad that the world is moving towards women empowerment, braking stereo type and striking gender balance. Out of many women leaders, former Prime Minister of India – Indira Gandhi (for her leadership) and Chairperson of Infosys foundation - Sudha Murthy (for her vision and philanthropy) inspire me.

" Gender balance to me means that everyone is treated the same with respect and fairness."

Charmaine Charles, Receptionist/Facilities Administrator

The women of the Windrush generation who paved the way for a better life for us all.