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March is Women’s History Month


Iron Mountain believes in working towards a more gender-balanced world and we are proud to support the women of our community who are building on the foundations forged by the heroes of their past to spark lasting change.

US Mountaineers celebrating International Women's Day
Our US Mountaineers celebrating International Women's Day
For International Women's Day 2020 and beyond, we asked our Iron Mountain employees across the globe how they will support #EachforEqual in being and thinking inclusive:
Mexico Office

Believing that all women constitute an essential force that helps us transform and contribute to a better future for everyone #EACHFOREQUAL

Mexico HR office

Mexico HR office
Turkey Office
Turkey Office

Together we can build a more gender-balanced workforce by creating and demonstrating a more inclusive mindset.

Cenker Ozhelvaci, VP Emerging Markets

Gender equality is linked to the culture of an organisation. In every workplace ensure women’s full and effective participation and give equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decisionmaking. Make Things Equal Not the Same.

Beril Guldur, Marketing Manager

Peru Office

We will bet on equitably formed teams, where respect and empathy will be our most important principles.

Peru Operations Financial Team

Peru Operations Financial Team

My pledge is to help all women and men in my team to think EQUAL.

Cynthia Katzer, Information Centre Specialist, Service COS

My pledge is to promote and support gender balance in the workplace; to ensure we are supporting a culture of inclusion at all levels within the organisation. #EachforEqual

Virginia Hodgkins, Team Leader, Customer Care

I pledge to create inclusive, flexible cultures #EachforEqual

Gareth Cassidy, Customer Account Support Team Leader

Asia Office

Everyone deserves to feel safe and to have equal opportunities in life, no matter our background, ability, gender, sexuality, no discrimination, nor nationality or income.. I may be a woman but I can stand out and shine.

Winnie Macaraig, Junior Officer, Commercial, Philippines

I will advocate publicly for gender equality through speaking at events and posting on social media; At work I will drive change at work by mentoring and sponsoring high potential female colleagues as well as pushing for policy changes; At home I will do more to support my wife so she can achieve her maximum potential in her professional career.

Peter Hwang, MD, Asia

I pledge to drive gender equality initiatives to increase the awareness in the community. I will speak up and challenge any gender-based injustice. I believe women should have the same professional opportunities, financial compensation and career benefits as male counterparts.

Nicole Li, M&A Integration Program Manager, Asia

Brazil Office

Supporting your projects and plans, emphasizing their importance in society! Equal rights are fundamental to everyone. Other than that, more than equality the world needs is respect for difference. The soul has no color, the world needs equality and a lot of love!

Brazil Office

France Office

I will continue to defend the rights of women in my personal and professional life. Women have the right to do so-called male trades without being judged, women have the right to earn a good living and not to be paid as if they were sub-men, women have the right to be ambitious in their professional life without being regarded as unworthy mothers. Women have rights, it is time that they are respected!

Fatou Bah, Administrative Assistant