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The State of HR Information Management

Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how technology can aid HR with their information management responsibilities.

{{ date }} 1:00pm ET Online

Information management is one of the core accountabilities of HR, one that has become even more important due to the trend toward remote and hybrid work arrangements. It is a particularly challenging topic because of the sensitivity of HR information and the sheer amount of information in multiple formats and places.

A recent survey found that just 15% of organizations believe that their HR information is excellently managed. What steps can HR professionals take to ensure their employees have centralized, secure access to business critical information?

This webcast will explore how information management technology can help HR handle data more reliably and efficiently. Attendees will hear a real world example of how a HR department is leveraging technology to streamline their processes and enhance their employee experience.

You will learn:

  • How HR can improve their information management
  • How information management technology is revolutionizing user expectations about records management and information governance
  • How to build a simple ROI calculator to show benefits of technology to stakeholders
The State of HR Information Management