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Preferred Provider Program

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Preferred Provider

Iron Mountain Global Procurement will identify a set of Preferred Providers who have demonstrated their commitment to Iron Mountain and their competitiveness within the market. After passing a comprehensive evaluation to determine that the supplier meets qualitative and quantitative criteria, the supplier will be considered “first choice” for purchases in their designated product areas. Procurement will direct all purchases to the preferred provider for that category of services or products, if one exists.


  • Preferred providers must go through an evaluation to review if the supplier meets specific qualitative and pricing criteria for a specific category.
  • Preferred providers are typically firms that can support a broad array of products and/or services across multiple business areas.
  • Preferred providers must pass an initial and periodic due diligence review.
  • An enterprise-wide contract must exist.
  • Catalog items are encouraged.

Niche Suppliers

Niche suppliers undergo the same process as preferred providers, but are determined to meet a more specific need and may not demonstrate all of the qualitative and/or pricing criteria as preferred providers. These firms are typically smaller firms that are stronger at supporting a more limited realm of products and/or services or solving a specific business area requirement. Therefore, the contract is not enterprise-wide, but specific to a particular product or service. In this way, a niche firm supports Iron Mountain with a very focused and predetermined category of products and/or services.

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