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The Spirit of Mountaineers - Bill’s Story

Iron Mountain’s longest-serving employee, Bill Mesick, discusses his 46-year career protecting what matters most to our customers.

In this first installment of our “Spirit of Mountaineers” video series, meet Bill Mesick—our longest-serving “Mountaineer” (which is what we affectionately call our 24,000 global employees).

“A lot has changed in the 46 years I’ve worked at Iron Mountain, but what hasn’t changed is the spirit of Mountaineers,” says Bill, operations supervisor for one of our original U.S. underground storage facilities, located in Rosendale, New York.

“To be a Mountaineer, I feel we are a steward of people’s materials and records,” he says. “And it’s not just paper records--it’s a history of the world.”

Beneath the fields of Rosendale, Bill and his teammates work within six underground caves full of priceless artifacts, historical files, and other important documents.

“I’m proud of our history,” Bill says. “You can’t hope to have future success unless you know what it took to get there.”

Stay tuned for more “Spirit of Mountaineers” videos
In the coming months, you’ll hear from more Mountaineers throughout the world.

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