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Redefining the Role of Health Information Management (HIM) in the New World of Information Governance (IG)

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Over a relatively short period of time, the millions of dollars invested in EHR acquisition and integration have produced a domino effect of accelerated change in the HIM environment. Physical medical records are being phased out, more stringent regulatory directives have emerged, and demands have evolved. As a result, the essential tasks being asked of HIM professionals are different.

This session examines a new paradigm for Health Information and Records Management (HIRM) and provides practical guidance to help HIM professionals unwind paper records, offload the burden of low-value production work and lead the transition from traditional records management to an optimized HIRM model.

Throughout this presentation we will discuss:

  • Why business as usual is no longer an option for healthcare providers
  • The challenges and risks associated with legacy HIM models
  • Three foundational elements for enterprise-wide information management and governance
  • The primary building blocks of an enterprise-wide HIRM model
  • A 5-phased road map that has proven to help providers transition HIM to HIRM
The content in this presentation will provide you with a clearer understanding of foundational elements of enterprise-wide information governance and a proven road map to help you get there. As a result, you’ll be able to deliver an optimized HIRM platform that yields significant cost savings, maximum usability and superior interconnectivity across the continuum of care.


Linda Kloss, President, Kloss Strategic Advisors

Linda Koss consults, speaks, and writes healthcare strategy, organization development and change leadership. For her role in advancing the state of health information management, Linda has been recognized on Modern Healthcare's lists of Top 25 Women and Top 100 People in Heathcare. She offers guidance on improving the quality and usability of information assets through effective information management and governance. Having served as CEO of Health Information Management Association (HIMA) between 1995 and 2010, Linda shared her expertise in strategic change management, business development and collaborative execution.

Karen Snyder, Director of Product Management, Health Information Management Services Iron Mountain
Karen Snyder joined Iron Mountain in 2005 and is currently the Director of Product Management for Health Information Management Services. As the product line General Manager, she is responsible for the strategy and business plan execution for Iron Mountain’s EMR Enablement suite of services that includes core Records Management, Release of Information and Document Scanning solutions. Karen has been instrumental in launching several new products at Iron Mountain, led the company’s growth in Solutions Marketing and was the recipient of the prestigious President’s Award in 2008. Prior to joining Iron Mountain, Karen spent over 12 years in various marketing, strategy and finance positions at AT&T.
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