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The Once and Future Information Governance: a candid discussion

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On Demand Webinar | 3/19/2014

According to recent research, Compliance, Privacy, Legal, Risk Management, Internal Audit, and IT are more actively and collaboratively engaged in managing information than in the past – and this eases the transition to an information governance model.  But we’re still not effectively managing our records through their lifecycle.  74% of respondents say they have efficient/effective controls for managing the lifecycle of their important information, but only 8% are actively monitoring compliance, and hardly anyone is consistently disposing of information.

So what’s missing? We’re depending on people to make decisions about disposition (just over 90% of respondents have no means to automate the process for electronic or paper records) yet employees are the least engaged in our RIM efforts, and initial and ongoing training is not consistent.  

We have to find ways to reach employees – the primary creators and recipients of information – in a more personal and compelling manner. And we cannot continue to expect the management of electronic content to conform to the traditional paper-based model; there is just too much information being created by too many people in too many formats and locations to make that possible.

So time for new thinking! In this webinar, join AIIM’s John Mancini as he and a leading industry analyst start you down the path by discussing proven practices – and some new perspectives – to help you close the gap between the effort and resources you need to manage information.


John Mancini, President & CEO, AIIM

Sue Trombley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership, Iron Mountain