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A RIM Risk Framework for All Industries

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Records and Information Management (RIM) staff are not equipped to police every business unit in every location around the globe to determine compliance. Recent research shows that while 87% of organizations have formal RIM programs, only 8% measure their compliance and only 7% of employees are engaged in RIM. This gap in being able to provide evidence of practice by a disengaged employee base leaves you exposed to senior leadership, shareholder, regulator, and customer scrutiny. A framework of basic RIM controls, or expected activities based on policy, can help level-set expectations across your enterprise and provide a means by which business units – and you - can evaluate their performance and plan for remediation.

In this session we will explain:

  • What the basic control groups are, and provide examples of individual controls

  • How to institutionalize the Framework: timing and roles and responsibilities

  • How to assign ratings to performance

  • Methods for communicating the RIM Risk program

We will provide access the Practical Guide to a RIM Risk Framework.

Speakers: Patti Michaud - Managing Director, Records Management Office, BNY Mellon
Corinna Madder - Managing Director, Head of Global Information Management, JPMorgan Chase

Moderator: Sue Trombley
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