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Changing Minds and Practices – How to Engage with Business Lines and Leadership

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Most organizations report that they have a RIM program in place, 87% on average and 95% of larger companies. And nearly 75% say they employ efficient and effective controls for managing the life-cycle of information. Yet, while these controls are in place, only 7% say their employees embrace the program and only 8% measure its effectiveness. This contributes to the continued gap between commitment to RIM and being able to provide evidence that it is actually being put to practice.

We know from experience that our employees can’t be expected to be records and information managers even though they’re the creators and recipients of the information that drives our business. However, there can be significant gains in overall RIM success the more we engage with business units. But first we need to improve our ability to talk with them, in their own language and about their own individual information life-cycle management concerns. Collaboration and accountability is needed – which leads us to the importance of an information governance structure. IG is the framework that focuses on accountability across all of the organization’s information stakeholders to facilitate closing the gap between commitment and practice and determining who is in charge.

Sue Trombley and John Biske will engage in a conversation about how to succeed in changing minds and practices. You will also learn from John’s experience in successfully implementing a state of the art RIM program through intelligent promotion while remaining relevant –regardless of organizational changes and shifts in priorities.

Webinar attendees will receive IGP credit.


John Biske, SVP Enterprise Records Management, Fidelity Investments
Sue Trombley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership, Consulting, Iron Mountain
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