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(On Demand) What's your Risk Profile for Software Assets?

{{ date }} 12:00 AM
Software lies at the core of any modern business. Whether as stand-alone applications or embedded in products or services, management of those assets is of critical importance.

Recent studies have explored the way that customers seek to protect their software - and the ways that suppliers can gain advantage through supporting that protection. In this webinar, we will review a recently conducted IACCM survey to uncover the risk mitigation strategies used by its members for both on-premises software and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. We have merged this information with industry data and will present the results of this survey, giving you the opportunity to see how you measure up to your peers and to established industry best practices. You’ll also learn specific technology escrow program best practices that reduce risks and costs to your company by ensuring your mission-critical applications are there when you need them.

Attendees will uncover answers to questions such as:

  • What are my peers doing to protect their software assets?

  • What factors should be used in determining my company’s risk profile?

  • Which best practices should I employ to safeguard on-premises software and Software-as-a-Service applications and data?

  • How can I get started implementing these best practices in my organization?
How do you stack up to your peers in terms of protecting the mission-critical software applications that run your business?
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