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Webinar: Advanced technologies in Energy

Why one of the most technologically progressive industries still has a problem with legacy, unstructured, and paper-based information.

{{ date }} 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET Online

As expensive and intermittent renewable generation pushes utilities, oil and gas companies, and power producers to be more competitive, data utilization becomes even more critical. Investment in data analytics to improve productivity and efficiency will continue to grow, however these advanced tools are only as effective as the information that gets fed into them: across all these markets, significant amounts of information still reside in legacy systems, unstructured formats, and even paper files.

Join us on an informative webinar that will provide companies across the energy industry with insights on:

  • How data can be used to improve the value of existing assets, both renewable and fossil
  • Where critical but underutilized data may be hiding, and how to capture and integrate it into active systems
  • How you can enable global access to digital, accurate, relevant data from all formats
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