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Iron Mountain Publishes Third Annual Corporate Responsibility Report

Company records significant reductions in GHG emissions, increased metrics for energy efficiency and safety, and progress in employee equity and volunteerism

boston, ma-
Iron Mountain® Incorporated (NYSE: IRM), the global leader in storage and information management services, today announced the publication of the 2015 edition of its Corporate Responsibility Report. The report, now in its third annual edition, offers a comprehensive overview on the company’s progress towards its global commitments for key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program goals. The full report is available for download on Iron Mountain’s Corporate Social Responsibility portal.

“Our customers entrust us with the assets most important to them. It’s their trust that fuels our passion for serving them and drives our corporate social responsibility commitments,” said William L. Meaney, president and chief executive officer of Iron Mountain. “We can’t be the trusted guardians they expect us to be unless we’re assembling a diverse and inclusive team; reducing energy costs that we can reinvest into product innovation; and giving back to the communities where they and our employees work and live. These commitments to our people, planet and communities are not just the right thing to do; they make us a better, more trusted service provider.”

Of note, Iron Mountain’s 2015 corporate responsibility report provides an update on four key goals across the organization: reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions; increasing energy efficiency; renewable energy adoption; and the continued growth of employee volunteerism. All four goals were achieved:

  • Reduction in GHG emissions – for 2015, Iron Mountain reduced GHG emissions by 14.6 percent, beating its goal of a zero increase over 2014;

  • Increased energy efficiency – the company achieved a year-over-year reduction in facility energy use of 12 percent, beating a reduction goal of 3 percent for the year;

  • Renewable energy adoption – Iron Mountain increased the use of renewable energy (such as wind or solar) to 2.4 million kilowatt hours, a six fold increase, through a combination of onsite solar installation and direct purchase of green power;

  • Employee volunteerism – all told, Iron Mountain employees volunteered 60,000 hours in their local communities, a new high for the company.

Safety, Diversity, Pay Equity Lead Other 2015 Highlights, Set Agenda for Future Goals

In 2015, Iron Mountain expanded its commitments in the areas of employee and operational safety; diversity and inclusion; and pay equity for all employees. In each of these areas, the company made significant progress, including:

  • Listing on the 2015 DJSI – For the first time, Iron Mountain was listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), a collection of global rankings that measure corporate sustainability commitment and program performance that is accorded to the top 20 percent of highest-performing companies;

  • Safety – In 2015, Iron Mountain lowered its North American Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) to 4.1, a reduction of 20 percent over 2014 (better than the industry average of 5.9), and improved its Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) to 1.3 from 1.4 in 2014;

  • Diversity & Inclusion – The company launched three new employee resource groups (ERGs) that reflected Iron Mountain’s increasingly diverse workforce (these groups include women, veterans, millennials, LGBTA and employees of color), doubling the number of participating employees from 585 to more than 1,200;

  • Pay equity – For the second year in a row, Iron Mountain demonstrated transparency in its reporting of pay equity between male and female employees at all levels (couriers to senior executives) throughout the organization. In the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, female Iron Mountain employees earn +/- 10 percent of their male counterparts – compared to an average gap of 21 percent in the U.S., 19.2 percent in Canada, and 28 percent in the United Kingdom – reinforcing a merit-based compensation philosophy that ensures gender equality in pay.
In addition, the 2015 report lays out Iron Mountain’s sustainability and responsibility goals for the short and long term (through 2020), emphasizing the key areas of focus for its CR efforts – including sustainability, safety, diversity and inclusion. These goals take into account Iron Mountain’s expanding footprint from its acquisition of Recall, the second-largest provider in the information management industry, and the corresponding impact on its operations, real estate and employees.

“Our employees, from the top down, believe that when CR is done with a genuine commitment and a high level of transparency, it can be a huge differentiator,” said Ty Ondatje, senior vice president of Corporate Responsibility and chief diversity officer for Iron Mountain. “We are following through on that belief with our goals for next year and beyond for our CR portfolio, a first for Iron Mountain. This lets our stakeholders see what we aspire to accomplish, and hopefully become part of our journey. In doing so, we hope it leads to CR naturally becoming a conduit for deeper engagement with our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate.”

Iron Mountain’s Corporate Sustainability Report follows the latest revision (G4) of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reporting Guidelines, a widely used standard that provides a framework for reporting and tracking progress. To read the report, visit Iron Mountain’s corporate responsibility portal at
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