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Iron Mountain Wins Award for its Records and Information Management 360 (RIM360) Customer Engagement Framework

Customer-centric approach uses real-world research to uncover present and future records and information management needs.

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Iron Mountain Incorporated® (NYSE: IRM), the global leader in storage and information management services, today announced its Records and Information Management 360 (RIM360) framework has been selected as a SiriusDecisions® EMEA ROI Award winner. The award recognises European organisations that have achieved strong sales, marketing and/or product alignment, resulting in improved company performance. The winners will present at 2016 Summit Europe in London from 26-27 September 2016.

Iron Mountain’s RIM360 framework provides a comprehensive approach to transforming customers’ information management programmes, using six customer needs-based profiles to identify opportunities for advancement and then build action plans to address them. The six profiles are based on primary research collected by a 2013 survey of 56,000 business leaders across compliance, legal, procurement, IT, real estate, operations, records management and shared services functions, asking them to prioritize their most acute information needs. Leveraging this research-based point of view, Iron Mountain representatives can partner with clients to identify and prioritise key information challenges and deliver them a solutions roadmap and a financial business case to a more compliant, more cost effective programme.

Using RIM360 over the last three years, Iron Mountain representatives are able to lead a more pointed dialogue based on common customer needs, leading to more successful sales engagements to uncover and address those needs. These data-driven conversations give Iron Mountain representatives a deeper understanding of the spectrum of customer needs and how they can be solved, which results in a significant increase (more than five times) in average deal size in the 12 countries where the framework is used. Additionally, when Iron Mountain uses RIM360 to partner with customers in creating a financial business case for a more comprehensive information governance programme, they together estimate an average of 40 percent in annual total cost of ownership savings.

“At Iron Mountain we take innovation very seriously, embracing it as a strategy to anticipate, and help solve, the ever-changing challenges customers face,” said Amy Perras, director of Global Marketing for Iron Mountain. “RIM360 refocused our sales, marketing and product teams by placing the needs of our customers at the heart of our strategy, and provided us a way to get closer to business objectives of our customers, which solutions best address them, and provide a return on investment. It was a trigger that set us on a journey towards deeper engagement with our customers, and we continuously refine our understanding of their needs through every interaction and ongoing market research. Through the RIM360 framework, we draw on our many years of expertise combined with market intelligence to help our customers clearly articulate their current and future priorities and equip them with the tools to accelerate the adoption and achievement of their goals.”

“We are pleased to recognise Iron Mountain for their RIM360 go-to-market approach as an example of best practice customer centric framework,” said Tony Jaros, executive vice president and Chief Research and Product Officer at SiriusDecisions. “The results are indicative of the creation of a robust framework that’s integrated across their go-to-market teams to uncover and advance customers' objectives.”

In addition to the SiriusDecisions 2016 Europe Summit, Iron Mountain will be showcasing RIM360 live along with other innovations and solutions at the ARMA Live Conference in San Antonio, TX from Sept. 25-27.

For more about Iron Mountain’s RIM360 framework, visit And to see the RIM360 up close, check out this infographic at
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