An iron mountain employee walking in front a redesigned iron mountain truck displaying the a fact about iron mountain storing Abraham Lincolns papers.

Protect and Preserve

Trust: Our Greatest Asset

Since 1951, Iron Mountain has protected the critical assets of over 220,000 customers, including 94% of the Fortune 1000. They rely on us to protect their critical and sometimes one-of-a-kind items, such as backup data, pathology slides, employee files, blockbuster films, iconic songs and more.

And while companies may worry about running out of physical and digital storage space, we’re here to help them store, manage and transform information, to protect them against major risks and keep them compliant with fast-paced regulatory changes.

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A Day in the Life of a Mountaineer

At Iron Mountain, our employees take pride in the responsibility of guarding our customers’ most important assets. From the everyday to the extraordinary, our employees know the value of the sensitive information they are responsible for.

Unveiling the Trucks

From the walls of Iron Mountain’s limestone mines to the interiors of its trucks, Iron Mountain is proud to be the trusted guardian of our customers’ most precious assets. From individual records such as a patient’s X-ray or the Gettysburg Address, to the entire archived collection of the JFK Library, we protect what matters most. Go behind the scenes as we reveal the new truck designs.