A redesigned Iron Mountain truck driving on the road with its design showing data servers

Protect and Preserve

A Day in The Life of a Mountaineer

At Iron Mountain, our employees take pride in the responsibility of guarding our customers’ most important assets. From the everyday to the extraordinary, our employees know the value of the sensitive information they are responsible for.

There are more than 24,000 Mountaineers across 47 countries, each of whom has the shared passion and collective experience it takes to protect what you value most. These Mountaineers work together across the globe to earn the trust of our customers. Our employees are trusted, not just with critical business information, but with cultural treasures, national monuments and collective memories.

An Iron Mountain employee standing in front of a truck in the garage
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Every day, Iron Mountain protects customers’ most vital assets and information, extending that same expertise to the ideas and artifacts that comprise our human experience, regardless of geographic or economic barriers.

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More than just vital documents, Mountaineers have worked to protect everything from physical treasures, including Claude Monet's Boating on the River Epte (below left), to the critical data and files at the heart of today’s day-to-day business operations.

two men moving a painting into a vault
many folders in a drawer
side view of an Iron Mountain truck
the back of an Iron Mountain truck open with boxes
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Iron Mountain’s promise and ability to protect and preserve doesn’t happen by chance. Iron Mountain employees complete countless hours of training to consistently maintain and strengthen their skills. In fact, Iron Mountain was recognized by Training Magazine as a top 125 company dedicated to developing its employees in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Iron mountain truck driving down the street

Throughout the country, our data centers are built upon more than 60 years of operational excellence and equipped to fit any need; from disaster recovery, to data backup, to consolidation or migration.

A secure door in the underground data center
a data server sits in a secure cage surrounded by rock
entrance into the underground Iron Mountain facility

In addition to the 530 million cubic feet of hard copy records, 10 million linear feet of medical records and 27 million pieces of film, music and video, Iron Mountain data centers are trusted to meet the exacting requirements of the world's most demanding organizations. Data centers are a significant aspect of any business strategy now, which is why it takes a serious information management company to keep data secure, compliant and easily accessible to clients when needed.

Whether you are a growing company in need of an individual cabinet or a multi-national looking for a state of the art data center, you can trust Iron Mountain to protect what matters most.

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