Data Restoration and Migration

Restore archived data when you need it and securely migrate your media into the cloud.
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Data Restoration and Migration

Restore archived data when you need it and securely migrate your media into the cloud.
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Data Restoration Overview

While it's critical for businesses to retain information for legal and compliance purposes, the time and expense for finding and retrieving specific elements of that data typically falls on IT

Knowing what legacy backup data you have becomes critical any time you’re faced with an audit, litigation or discovery request. But as your media library becomes larger and increasingly complex – and includes multiple media types – keeping track of everything is no easy task. And when you struggle to locate and retrieve the required data in a timely manner, it can open your organisation up to considerable financial, brand risk and skyrocketing costs.

Also, if you’re preparing to migrate data due to new technology or an acquisition, you’ll need to be able to locate, identify and catalogue the various data elements on media, plus verify it before uploading it onto the new system.

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Compliance requests

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Legal holds

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Migrating data to a new system

Identify and restore data in the time you need it

Iron Mountain provides a managed, scalable service to securely archive data offsite and restore specific data on-demand, in the event of a compliance or legal discovery. The process is auditable, defensible and repeatable, with a predictable cost. Iron Mountain® Restoration Assurance Programme helps you know what data to keep, for how long, and gives you the ability to recover from legacy media when you need it.

The solution includes:

Offsite Tape Vaulting

Lets you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your archival tapes are protected in highly- secure and environmentally- controlled facilities.
Managed Restoration

Ensures that your archival tapes can be restored and data can be migrated at any time, and at a predictable cost, without the worry and cost of maintaining legacy backup systems and hardware.

Data Migration Overview

Remove the time and cost of having to migrate data to new systems and ensure that you can easily and quickly find and retrieve that data

Even the most sophisticated organisations can become inundated with data retrieval requests. After all, the volume of data being preserved today is staggering: more than 90 percent of new corporate data is generated electronically. Application and infrastructure complexity only adds to the difficulty as more than 70 percent of that data is stored on disparate systems scattered throughout the enterprise.

The solution includes:

Media Migration

We have the high speed infrastructure needed to move your data safely and efficiently.
Managed Restoration

Easily convert business data into the right formats for secured retention and easy access

Managed Restoration

Don’t spend time and money managing legacy systems in order to respond to litigation requests

Litigation requests take time and effort to produce information from a large number of legacy backup tapes. And if you’ve recently upgraded your tape library and backup systems, it will likely require a considerable amount of time to access and read your old tapes using outdated hardware and software.

Iron Mountain can manage the process around finding, retrieving and delivering old data in a readable format in the event of a litigation or compliance request.

Litigation and compliance request? – Easily locate the information regardless of systems used to backup that data

Companies are seeing a higher volume of legacy data requests in response to litigation, regulatory investigations and internal requests. But keeping infrastructure for legacy backup tape, database, and email systems tie up valuable space in your data centre and are expensive to maintain.

Iron Mountain’s Managed Restoration service helps you restore archived data regardless of the software and equipment used to place that data on the tape and the format of the media. You can be confident that each request to locate information from your backed up data will be handled with precision, professionalism and predictable cost

Restoration and Migration

Media Migration

Ensure you’re complying with your industry regulations on data retention and format

Keeping your company’s data in a secure, current format is a time-consuming and strenuous task.

Iron Mountain’s Media Migration solution migrates data into the appropriate format and encrypts it without interrupting your everyday data backup practice —without stretching your staff and budget.

Design an appropriate data protection and retention process to mitigate risk

The reality is that the data you may need to compile to satisfy an audit or litigation request could reside in many different locations and media formats spanning decades. And producing that data in the right format can be a daunting task. You need to mitigate the risk of failing to comply or being unable to respond to these requests in a timely manner.

Migrate your business data into the right formats for secured retention and easy access in the future by using the Iron Mountain® Media Migration service. Our experts will help you understand specific regulations and design an optimal media migration and retention process. Having an optimal process will mitigate any audit and litigation risks by keeping the data protected, but easily accessible if it’s needed and all without disrupting the current backup processes and at a predictable cost.


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Ensure your organisation’s data is in full compliance with industry regulations.
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Respond promptly to an audit or litigation request with the data you need backed by a defensible plan.
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Keep your data in a ready-for-use format and to maximise the value of your legacy intellectual property.
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Reduce the risk of fines, sanctions, and loss of public trust.
*Iron Mountain cannot accept biohazards, material that is flammable, material that is regulated by laws and/or regulations relating to the environment, items that may attract pests, items that are dangerous or unsafe to handle, or hazardous materials.


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Our sales specialists can help provide you with the quickest answers to your questions. Contact us today to get started.