File Room Solution

Maintain access to your organisation’s important data while reducing costs and increasing convenience.

File Room Solution

Maintain access to your organisation’s important data while reducing costs and increasing convenience.
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Your organisation depends on regular access to critical files and records; they’re the reason your company can function and create products for your customers. Managing an ever-growing number of documents, however, could put your entity at risk for information loss and compliance violations. Overflowing file rooms consume valuable real estate, and managing files in organised workflow processes can overwhelm your systems and workforce.

Iron Mountain has the answer. Our File Room Solution stores the information from your file room in a secure, offsite environment. The files that are crucial to your company’s success are managed in a secure and compliant facility by our expert staff using your very own filing system. Iron Mountain’s File Room Solution allows you to allocate your time and resources to other key business priorities with the confidence that your records are being securely managed.

Why use an asset and document management service?

Simply put, outsourcing the management of your files will save your company money and resources. Iron Mountain has been providing excellent and reliable document management services for decades. Iron Mountain experts are dedicated to the storage, protection and management of your valuable assets.

Iron Mountain’s File Room Solution helps with small to large scale filing rooms, based on your unique needs. All assets are replicated in a facility managed by Iron Mountain professionals for the benefit of your corporation. File room management is vital to your workforce, as well as responsible for the safety of all information and for smooth operations. Ensuring quality storage for physical files and other information can help your business grow. 

A good document management system must take factors of security, compliance with regulations, and overall accessibility into account. With professionals taking care of the finer points of data management, your business is free to focus on operations that will deliver value to your company and customers.

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File Room Data Sheet

Offload the management of your file rooms by leveraging Iron Mountain's expertise, infrastructure, and experienced staff.

Store documents offsite

Preserving the physical location of paper files is important for many companies, and for good reason. The continued accessibility of these documents allows your business to preserve its structure and history. Keeping the ever-growing files in your office area, however, isn’t the best use of your precious space.

Why create a centralised repository for files?

If your company is expanding, the growing number of workers means you need more space. If your business is moving to digitisation and online platforms, preserving an on-site file room isn’t a good use of resources.

A centralised file room helps achieve this goal. A specialised records centre with advanced environmental, security and access controls, built with the highest compliance with regulatory standards keeps your file storage management current. Documents will be stored in regulation with your established file room operations and processes, maintained by vetted Iron Mountain employees.

Access and support for a remote workforce

The challenges that many businesses now face have much to do with a decentralised workforce that requires access to company files. Managing remote workers may require changes to your data management system, and Iron Mountain can help. It may be time to give up your onsite file room, and begin preserving files offsite for numerous cost- and space-saving reasons. Your remote workforce benefits from an easily accessible data storage solution.

Iron Mountain’s File Room Solution provides digital and remote access to your important files, lending itself perfectly to remote workers. Your employees can easily

  • Search file inventory.
  • Locate the required documents
  • Arrange to have the records quickly scanned and delivered electronically.

High standards and procedures for sharing and reviewing documents maintains security. Centralising your company’s files means your decentralised workforce can better serve your clients and protect their data.

Maintain security and privacy

When documents are spread across an office space, uploaded without standard procedure or process and kept in unsecure locations, this can lead to security breaches. The secure record centres in our File Room Solution protects documents. Iron Mountain’s expert file managers will guard your documents throughout their data lifecycle, enabling information protection no matter their contents.

Standardising the workflow management of creating, copying, preserving and uploading data removes areas where human error often makes information unsafe. Using Iron Mountain’s File Room Solution sets your organisation up for success with clear data protocols.

Improve accessibility across your organisation

Organised and easy-to-access file management software ensures that your employees, in the office and across the globe, can rely on your files. Helping your remote workforce wherever they may be, all the while keeping information secure, is not always in the capabilities of an organisation. But with the correct file management software that follows a secure and reliable system, while ensuring compliance with regulations, your company can save time and resources.

Facilitating access to documents that are stored in a centralised location and initiating file transfers is easy with Iron Mountain’s Records Management Portal. Your company’s resources will be readily available while simultaneously protected from outside threats.

Iron Mountain’s document control software will provide access and control of the data that is essential for your business. Safeguarding your records in a specialised records centre is cheaper and safer than maintaining unsecure structures for data management. Our File Room Solution offers excellent information access, protected data and file transfers and the ability for your company to focus on producing its own superior products and services.

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