Support your remote workforce management with Iron Mountain

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Support your remote workforce management with Iron Mountain

The modern workforce doesn’t typically exist within a single conference room anymore, or even a single office space. Your virtual team is scattered across the country, and maybe even across the globe. A decentralised team offers exciting opportunities for your company, broadening the talent pool, saving costs on physical locations and widening the potential for increased workforce productivity.

While there are opportunities for productivity, the difficulties of managing a remote workforce can block the operations of a company. Each remote team member needs continued access to tools, technology and data your business uses for success. If you’re wondering how to give your workforce access to the records and facilities for their jobs, Iron Mountain has the solutions.

What is remote workforce management?

Your remote team members may primarily work off-site instead of in a traditional office space. Whether your company employed remote employees prior to the pandemic or if you’ve been pushed into remote workforce management because of COVID-19, the decentralised office space is likely here to stay.

While still early in the remote management of every team, the benefits of a remote workforce tend to include:

  • Access to a wider hiring talent pool
  • Improved employee retention
  • Broadened employee productivity and engagement
  • Saved costs and overall profitability

Your company can benefit from remote workers, but these advantages tend to only occur if each employee is set up for success with quality tools, clear expectations and excellent management.

Remote workforce management, as with traditional employee management, involves overseeing teams and production with the added complication of all employees removed from a single room. Managers are expected to ensure the productivity of their workforces, collaboration and product delivery wherever the remote team may be. This means that business owners who are interested in securing success for their workplaces should offer effective project management software complete with substantial training and tools to achieve the benefits of remote work.

Without effective workforce management, the challenges of remote workforces may create the opposite effects for businesses.

Challenges of working remotely

Remote workforce management is not as easy as sending employees home to do the work they used to do in the office space. It’s, unfortunately, not that simple. As companies hire team members who have never seen the inside of the business’s building or met their coworkers, remote managers are tasked with effectively managing old and new team members over screens.

What issues do remote work teams face?

The difficulties of remote working span communication and company culture, and includes every tool and piece of technology available for remote workers. File sharing, without access to the documents that might only exist in the office, and without services that lend themselves to security and workflows, remote workers will be unable to do their best work. Team productivity requires operational resilience as companies move to remote and hybrid environments.

How to best manage remote workforce teams

The question then becomes how to give employees access to secure data, documentation and files while providing them the flexibility to handle and take care of their unique responsibilities remotely. Records must be digitised for the remote workforce, as a centralised file room in an office space isn’t accessible for all workers.

Giving your employees a direct and dependable format for documentation access, as well as easy disposal services and other file lifecycle services, will allow them to accomplish their goals without hangups or roadblocks.

With the correct tools, your employees are able to handle many of the other difficulties related to remote work. From ensuring a positive work life balance to overall productivity, it is in the best interest of your business to employ systems that handle video calls, instant messaging and documentation access for the benefit of every employee.

Every tool for remote workforce management

Iron Mountain has the technology your company needs for effective remote team management and improved employee experience.

Transforming records to digital records

Employees need access to the records in your archive and manage new inbound paper records on a daily basis, often in different time zones. Iron Mountain’s Digitisation Solution converts these documents into digital copies and sends them to the right people, prioritising speed and security.

Retrieval of digital records in various media

If your media assets are within Iron Mountain facilities, they can easily be digitised in almost any format:

  • Video
  • Audio tape
  • Hard drive
  • Film
  • Flat artwork

All media will be delivered to your specifications, including to our private cloud storage for complete remote access.

Provided shredding services

Whether your employees return to your office space or not, the records (and copies of these records) they create or receive need to be securely disposed of. It is vital to the security and confidentiality of these documents that they don’t wind up in the employee’s home trash or recycle bin. This is why Iron Mountain’s Secure Shredding options are designed to meet your secure destruction requirements.

Disposal of legacy electronic equipment

Managing the end-of-life IT assets is more important than ever as more devices are deployed to a remote workforce. With normal turnover and a workforce spread across geographical areas, a service to handle these liabilities keeps stressors off of your managerial plate and reduces the risk of data loss.

Remote worker data protection

Protecting valuable data on corporate devices has become more challenging within the remote workforce. Our Iron Cloud® Data Management, can help protect your remote data and devices, while minimising costly downtime.


Manage your remote workforce with Iron Mountain tools today

Remote work will likely have a lasting effect, and employers and managers must ask themselves how they will best support their team members to complete the valuable work your company depends on. Reach out to Iron Mountain experts to find out how.