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Transform Your Mortgage Post-Closing Process

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Transform Your Mortgage Post-Closing Process

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Declining mortgage origination revenue is driving operational cost reductions and third-party outsourcing

US mortgage originators are experiencing reduced loan volumes and less revenue due to higher interest rates and intense competition. The Mortgage Bankers Association reported that independent mortgage banks and mortgage subsidiaries of chartered banks lost $82 on each loan they originated in the second quarter of 2022. Losses, along with an intensifying regulatory environment, an emerging hybrid workforce, and pressure to reduce operational costs, are leading companies to outsource their physical footprint and find automated solutions to streamline and digitize processes.

The current manual processes, siloed digital systems, and execution conflict with your need for scalable solutions that deliver opex models. The post-closing process consists of a large number of physical loan documents with multiple redundant audits and quality control checks. Data is caged within physical documents and in disparate systems, leaving room for truncation errors, duplicate records, and possible compliance exposure. You need a better way to manage loan documents and meet tight salability deadlines into the secondary market.


Accelerate outsourcing of a cost-effective and automated mortgage post-close process

Remain compliant and maintain collateral security with our end-to-end mortgage post-closing managed service offering. Made up of expertly trained teams, digital mortgage accelerator processes, and an intelligent software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology platform called Iron Mountain InSight®, this bundled offering gives you the opportunity to:

  • Reduce and scale opex costs in line with revenue streams
  • Improve loan quality and delivery timelines to investors
  • Unlock valuable knowledge from your data for new revenue-generating activity
  • Maintain investor and regulatory compliance by driving quality

How it Works

Transform your post-closing mortgage process

We receive the loan documents from the closing agent and review them for execution and investor obligations. Our experienced team facilitates the digitization of physical loan documents for post-closing document classification, data extraction, and quality control. The scanned images are converted using highly sophisticated software technology called optical character recognition (OCR), making the text in your loan documents completely searchable and able to be indexed, whether the original documents were handwritten or typed. The documents then receive classified labels for fast retrieval (metadata) and are split based on the loan type, augmented by sophisticated machine learning instructions. The automated process only engages team members if the algorithm has a specific question triggering a human-in-the-loop (HITL) feature to resolve discrepancies. This feature is also triggered if the set confidence level threshold is met.

Being able to digitize, classify, extract, and validate loan data bridges unstructured mortgage content into structured data that supports the authenticity, accuracy, and completeness of the loan.

The automated document classification process results in “structured content.” The underpinning of our dual content services and intelligent information management platform is input agnostic, which means the format of the document can be a physical scanned document, digital file, photograph, hand-written note, etc. It’s meant to be flexible so that it meets your evolving content management requirements.

Iron Mountain InSight is secure. Electronic loan records are encrypted at rest and during transmission across a secure network with access restricted by encryption keys. It incorporates role-based permissions (RBAC) that you own and manage, ensuring authorized users have 24/7 access to your digitized loan documents and keeping loan information protected on a need-to-know basis.

The InSight platform uses automated, pre-trained mortgage workflows that comply with stringent investor and regulatory requirements. These intelligent workflows use machine learning algorithms to classify documents and content according to your taxonomy. After classifying your mortgage content, we automate post-closing processes and controls to enhance regulatory and investor compliance.

Our software knows what loan documents to split up based on your business rules. If you need to ensure a document has a signature per your policy, the business rules you provided are used and the system checks for that information. If the signature is there, the automated process quickly calibrates to the next series of checklists, ensuring all the information matches to validate a saleable loan. If information is missing, a flag is issued for your attention. Trailing documents are also monitored, processed, digitized, and delivered based on investor guidelines. This gives you peace of mind that your mortgage posting-closing processes are comprehensive, efficient, and accurate.

Get access to informative mortgage lifecycle dashboards and curative reporting:

  • Track pending and completed loans
  • See flags at the loan and exception level; assignments by user groups, users, and flag types
  • View total cleared loans processed by date or other key events

Once the physical loan documents procedure has met the investor obligations, we prepare and release the custodial file to your custodian or fulfill the custodial requirements for investor delivery along with new loan setup files.


Business results from an experienced and trusted partner - We are a proven mortgage post-closing managed services provider that enabled a major credit union to:

  • Improve its efficiency with shortened cycle times
  • Achieve scalable YOY growth
  • Reduce its loan review costs, minimize buyback risk, and cost-effectively create a digitized process

Acceleration of your digital transformation - Our service offering enables your organization to:

  • Securely and cost-effectively digitize, store, automate, and unlock key collateral loan documents
  • Automate the document-centric post-closing processes with intelligent workflows and exception handling using artificial intelligence and machine learning that adhere to compliance requirements
  • Unlock value from the dashboards and reporting information, accelerating your loan pool certification process and salability into the secondary market
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Transform your post-closing mortgage process

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