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Print Management: An Earth Friendly Business Strategy

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Print Management: An Earth Friendly Business Strategy

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What is your company doing to decrease its environmental impact? How about eliminating print waste with a tailored print management solution?

Earth Day, with its focus on protecting and renewing our planet, is just around the corner. What is your company doing to decrease its environmental impact?

If you’re looking for actionable, eco-friendly ideas, we have a suggestion. Eliminate print waste with a tailored print management solution.

Even in this digital age, print communications comprise a large portion of most companies’ expenditures. The cost to the environment can also be considerable: trees harvested for paper production, electricity to power printing presses, fuel consumed in delivering printed materials and more trash going into the nation’s landfills when documents are discarded.

If your company is among those trying to get a better grip on the paper glut, Iron Mountain may have the answers you need.

Save the Planet While Saving Money

In business, it’s important to get your messages to the right audiences quickly and cost-effectively. Wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve that without a lot of hassle?

Iron Mountain offers a comprehensive approach to print management that gives you one point of contact for all of your production, storage and fulfillment needs, including:

We start with a review of your current and past print purchases to create a baseline. Then we look at your business requirements, challenges, goals and current production processes. From these analyses, we develop recommendations that include the most appropriate equipment, the most efficient processes and best suppliers for each print project.

It’s a complete front- to back-end solution that makes print management as simple as getting in your car and turning the key. And it routinely results in significant savings for clients. These savings are realized through contractual agreements with print partners, as well by reducing over-production and associated storage and obsolescence costs. That latter point is important. It means you’re not only saving your company money, you’re also doing something good for the planet.

Related Services to Enhance Your Communications

One key technology available through Iron Mountain is digital printing . Digital printing is inherently more eco-friendly than offset because it lets you cost-effectively print small quantities or materials, including four-color pieces. That’s important when you need to add personalization or create different versions of a document for different audiences. Additionally, because we do the printing in-house on our equipment, it eliminates the need for packing and shipping from a separate facility.

Finally, there are times when you can eliminate paper altogether. And our print management solution includes technology for that, as well.

Using our eDelivery tool, you can create and deliver targeted content when speed of delivery is critical. This tool uses built-in business rules and preapproved templates, text and graphics to let you customize messaging without jeopardizing brand standards or regulatory compliance. Just design, proof and click “send,” and your messages are delivered through a dedicated website that keeps your communications secure and avoids file blocking.

These are just a few of the ways your companies can pursue its business goals and give the environment a hand. To learn more, contact Iron Mountain today. (Mother Nature will thank you.)

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