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A Look Ahead to Information Governance Trends in 2018

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At the turn of every year, we attempt to foresee upcoming information governance trends in order to prepare. Here’s what to look for during 2018.

At the turn of every year, we attempt to foresee upcoming information governance trends in order to prepare for the months ahead.

In 2018, the two most critical areas of information governance that organizations will likely be spending their time (and money) on are business intelligence and data security. Regardless of industry, these are the key areas that could have the most impact on any organization in the coming year.

One of the hottest information governance trends during the past year was business intelligence, so it will also be top of mind in the coming months. There has been a lot of effort expended to clean up the existing data stores sitting in organizations’ servers, as well as to create data warehouses filled with promises of hidden riches. Data scientists have become a very hot commodity, thanks to their expertise in mining valuable information from these vast data stores.

While hiring these specialists might be a good investment for some organizations, giving access to those already familiar with the organization can be a quicker way to get value. Fortunately, technology is also heading in that direction. Many platforms are becoming more user-friendly when it comes to connecting with disparate data sources and allowing someone (with a minimum amount of technical expertise) to create and share a report of their findings. This trend will allow organizations to reach the “low-hanging fruit” without having to hire a specialist to run “what-if” scenarios.

Another advancement in business intelligence systems: Providing a user-friendly interface while protecting the underlying data. This is a popular data security trend. Much like data scientists, data security specialists are a highly sought-after commodity. However, this is one area of technology expertise where training has simply not kept pace with demand. Since this trend isn’t likely to improve in the coming year, organizations might have to rely on third-party vendors. Organizations may also implement artificial intelligence platforms to automate security systems, just like their business intelligence infrastructure.

As with anything related to information governance, the mantra is “Policy, People and Technology” — in that order. All of this powerful new technology can be rendered useless if you don’t train people how to use it. In the case of security, a comprehensive training program is vital in protecting an organization’s information assets from theft. It’s important to continually educate every employee of the risks, as people tend to be the weakest link when it comes to hacking attacks.

It’s likely that 2018 is going to be a busy year for information governance professionals. Concentrating on the areas of business intelligence and security can ensure your organization is keeping up with the competition — and positioning itself for success.

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