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Investments in Big Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning on the Rise

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More than 50% of orgs will invest in big data analytics projects, AI and machine learning. Iron Mountain and Google can help.

More than half (52%) of organizations plan to invest in big data analytics projects, Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning over the next two years, according to a recent Coleman Parkes survey of IT leaders and decision makers. However, the survey also points out that 77% of respondents lack the internal resources and skills to extract value from their data and digital transformation efforts.


Organizations typically use only 5% to 10% of the data they collect, according to Ernst and Young. AI can help organizations to:


  • Gain insights to drive revenue or reduce risk
  • Achieve greater business efficiencies through automated processes
  • Deliver auditable, consistent policy-driven governance of content across the organization.

In response to this growing need in the market, Iron Mountain just announced the commercial availability of Iron Mountain InSight™, a new SaaS content services platform jointly developed in partnership with Google Cloud to help organizations realize the full value of their vast stores of physical and digital information. The solution leverages intelligent, innovative machine learning-based classification techniques to add structure, context and metadata to customers’ content. Iron Mountain InSight enables organizations to now mine their data to uncover new streams of revenue and cost savings opportunities.


Learn more about how Iron Mountain InSight can help support your AI and machine learning needs.   

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