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RIM Rock Star: Teresa Britton

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Professional Development

RIM Rock Star: Teresa Britton

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Meet Teresa Britton. She advances the role of records and information management at her organization. Teresa is a RIM Month Rock Star.

Meet Teresa Britton. She is one our customers who goes above and beyond to demonstrate the value of records and information management within her organization. Teresa is the Senior Manager, Enterprise Records and Information Governance for Exelon Corporation and one of our RIM Month Rock Stars. Let’s
learn more about Teresa:


I manage the records and information governance program for Exelon, a large corporation with 34,000 employees and revenues of $34.5 billion. I hold my B.B.A in Information Systems and Operations Management from Loyola University in Chicago.

As a native of Chicago, I spend my free time walking our three dogs, camping and kayaking.

In my role, I am most proud of creating a system that allows us to track individuals with records compliance obligations. Exelon has a decentralized model for records management and had previously been tracking the approximately 1,500 individuals through various manual and semi-automated notification processes, which was costly and posed a significant risk of regulatory compliance issues. The new system allows Exelon to efficiently organize the information and automate some of the downstream controls that demonstrate the company’s compliance with certain regulatory requirements. The solution also provides a means by which anyone in Exelon can see the information. This personnel inquiry component allows employees to quickly identify whom to contact within their department for help with records compliance questions or concerns.

The biggest RIM challenge I face is managing unstructured electronic records. Exelon implemented an electronic records management solution in 2017 to provide a standard platform for managing electronic records. Our next efforts to progress in this area will be to leverage auto-classification and artificial intelligence to more systematically identify and store the electronic records.

My best advice for RIM professionals is to establish a roadmap and tactical long-range plan for getting their program to a future state. This should include:

  • Identifying dedicated resources to build, monitor and maintain the program (Governance & Oversight)
  • Refreshing and revamping policy and procedures, including Records Retention Schedules
  • Managing physical records
  • Managing electronic records
  • Setting up education and training

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