The top players in the advancement of healthcare IG

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The top players in the advancement of healthcare IG

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The top healthcare oranizations on top of their information governance, record retention, data management game.

While information governance (IG) is not unique to healthcare, it is particularly important in this industry for many reasons. Among those reasons are the ever-important need to prevent data breaches and information loss as well as the need to improve the value of care and the need to remain compliant with regulations.

The winners of this year’s IGgy Awards, which recognize the progress organizations have made along the path to healthcare IG adoption, were announced at the 2018 AHIMA Annual Convention in Miami, FL.

Here are the top organizations in the advancement of healthcare IG.

JPS Health Network

The JPS Health Network (JPS) in Fort Worth, Texas, has won the Advancing Data Integrity and Classification award, which recognizes a healthcare organization that reduces waste, minimizes risk and enhances compliance across the enterprise through strategic classification, record retention and management of records and data.

The team at JPS had led an enterprise-wide content classification project that has enabled the consistent application of policy, record retention and destruction based on record type and information criticality. JPS plans to deploy a cloud-based, retention policy management tool to research, curate and push updates enterprise-wide in order to ensure ongoing compliance and enforcement. This passion for enterprise risk management has enabled JPS to offer optimal service and financial stewardship.

Beaumont Health

When Beaumont Health in Michigan worked to transition over to an enterprise-wide, information management program that drives compliance, accountability and governance, they centralized all records and adopted a single inventory management tool. Because of this, Beaumont Health has won the Enabling Enterprise Information Management (EIM) award, which recognizes organizations with information management programs that align with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives, address policies across all record types and information formats, and implement the tools required to drive compliance and accountability enterprise-wide. Today, all of Beaumont Health’s records are classified and information inventory, access, destruction and retention can be easily tracked, managed and reported using a single online portal enterprise-wide.

The Ohio State University Health System

The Ohio State University Health System (OSUHS) in Ontario, Ohio, has won the Developing a Sustainable and Enforceable Retention Policy award, which recognizes an organization that has developed a forward-thinking and comprehensive record retention policy management programs that are actionable, current and also enable the consistent management and enforcement of retention policies across all locations, facilities and departments. OSUHS recently completed a full-scale re-assessment of their record retention program. With this program in place, OSUHS will be able to consistently manage destruction across all locations, facilities, and departments. This is expected to deliver a 90% reduction of OSUHS’ paper footprint by 2021.

Community Health Systems

Community Health Systems in Canton, Mass., has been able to strategically map out, define and assign project-level milestones to advance healthcare IG across the enterprise and, in turn, raising the bar for their network of peers and facilities. They started with assessing each of their facility’s information management policies and controls, and they have since evolved their IG charter to include centralized oversight of information volume, management and access. Because of this, Community Health Systems has won the Elevating the Bar for the Enterprise award.

RCCH HealthCare Partners

RCCH HealthCare Partners in Tennessee has won the Strategically Organizing for Governance award which recognizes healthcare organizations that have purposefully planned for governance and conducted the initial due diligence to develop a sound information governance framework that can be easily built upon and efficiently executed as the initiative scales. RCCH has grown to a 18 facility organization through mergers and acquisitions. RCCH took a phased approach to this strategic initiative and conducted a comprehensive survey that helped uncover opportunities to optimize information management processes across the broader organization. Because of this, RCCH is equipped with the insights to gain buy-in, and to expand its information governance program and standardize information management practices.

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