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Tips for Effectively Recruiting a Records Manager

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IG, Regulations & Compliance

Tips for Effectively Recruiting a Records Manager

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  2. Tips for Effectively Recruiting a Records Manager
When you’re recruiting a records manager, there are a few key tips to keep in mind.

Of all the factors that contribute to the overall success of an organization, employee management and hiring talented teams are some of the most critical. Enterprises need a skilled records manager to ensure that things run smoothly. So when you’re recruiting a records manager, there are a few key tips you should keep in mind.

Hiring is unique for each role, but competency matters across job titles and industries, according to Forbes. Records managers need a specific set of skills to be successful in their role.

Start with establishing the essential duties of the records manager position. How large is your organization? What kinds of records will need to be handled? Identify the critical capabilities you’re looking for and determine what specific knowledge, training and skill sets are needed before you hire. For example, it may be vital that your records manager be able to articulate complex regulations. It’s always better to have a detailed outline of specifications for a candidate, according to Entrepreneur.

However, It’s important to understand that overseeing records management software and technology is only part of the job. The person in this position needs to protect the organization by implementing policies and best practices that are effective and enforceable. When you’re recruiting a records manager, be sure that they’re not only competent with compliance policies but also ready to engage with the entire organization.

Pay attention to personality, as your records manager will be working cross-functionally throughout the organization. From collaborating with IT to ensure that systems are up to date to working across business units to enforce policies, the person in this role needs to be able to get along with colleagues and other partners. When recruiting a records manager, keep in mind the types of personalities best suited to your organization’s culture.

In terms of education, records management-related majors are available at various institutions for students who are interested in archiving, records or information management. When recruiting a records manager, look for individuals with relevant degrees. You may even want to look for someone with an advanced degree. The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) reports that while 89% of its members hold a bachelor’s degree, 47% have a Master of Science, Master of Library Science, doctorate or law degree. You can also look for candidates with professional certifications, like ARMA’s Certified Records Manager designation.

Your information and records management department needs a qualified professional to ensure that your organization continues to run smoothly. Keep your company protected and efficient by recruiting a records manager with the help of these tips.

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