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Why NAID Certification from i-SIGMA Makes All the Difference


Privacy & Security

Why NAID Certification from i-SIGMA Makes All the Difference

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To ensure that sensitive information is destroyed, once and for all, many companies rely on NAID certification from i-SIGMA.

It’s the end of the quarter, and it’s time to purge the files your company no longer needs. The summer intern doesn’t have much to do, so you entrust the job to him. It sounds like a good use of his time … until it isn’t. To avoid this situation, you should consider NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certification from i-SIGMA.

Though nothing may go wrong, there is much that could. A recent report from the Identity Theft Resource Center found that about 10% of U.S. data breaches result from improper disposal of data from paper, digital sources, removable media or even end-of-life hardware. If these data sources get into the wrong hands, they can be used to bring down your customers or your organization. That’s even true of hardware, which can often be resuscitated with special software.

And then there are applicable state and federal regulations. Failure to comply with applicable regulations can land companies in hot water, resulting in costly fines.

So how can you make sure that your paper documents, plastic and electronic media are securely destroyed? One of the best methods of secure destruction involves secure shredding services for paper and plastic, and secure IT asset disposition for IT equipment such as tape and media.

To ensure that it’s done right — and that sensitive information is destroyed, once and for all — many organizations work only with vendors approved by NAID from i-SIGMA. As the international watchdog for the secure data destruction industry, NAID from i-SIGMA holds the vendors it certifies to the highest standards. NAID AAA certification from i-SIGMA verifies both mobile and plant-based shredding of printed media, microfiche, microfilm, physical hard drives and non-paper media products.

A vendor with NAID certification from i-SIGMA has passed rigorous standards in 20 areas of operational and security requirements and has appropriate written policies and procedures. Organizations that rely on NAID-certified vendors can confidently provide auditors a certificate of destruction guaranteeing that files and media have been disposed of securely and completely.

With confidence that your NAID from i-SIGMA AAA-certified vendor has securely destroyed all required paper and media, you can stop worrying that your organization might inadvertently be leaving sensitive data in unsecured places or breaking industry or government rules. Most importantly, you can return to the business of running your business.

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