6 Health IT Conferences in 2019 That Might Actually Be Worth the Trip


6 Health IT Conferences in 2019 That Might Actually Be Worth the Trip

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  2. 6 Health IT Conferences in 2019 That Might Actually Be Worth the Trip
Love ’em or hate ’em, health IT conferences can do a lot more than just get you out of the office. These six 2019 conferences may be worth your while.

Love ’em or hate ’em, health IT conferences can do a lot more than just get you out of the office and into some fresh scenery. The right ones can break down your professional silos and update you on industry shifts and trends.

To help you make the best investment of your time and budget, here’s a list of some of the top health IT conferences and why you might want to book your trip ASAP.


Let’s get the big daddy out of the way first — the Health Information and Management Systems Society’s monster conference.

This conference is a great opportunity to connect with a broad range of HIT topics and professionals. HIMSS has a reputation as a vendor-to-vendor event, but the ridiculous spectrum of options means you’ll definitely be able to find something relevant to you.

Why you might want to show up:

If the onslaught of the HIMSS exhibit floor doesn’t draw you in, one of the focused event tracks probably will.

The event tracks cover topics ranging from leadership and strategic planning, to hiring and retaining the best HIT people, to CIO change management. You’re sure to find sessions that fit your needs.

Additional topics include cost containment, cloud computing and consumerization for any professionals who want to prepare for patients knocking on their data doors (I’ll probably be attending that session myself this year).

Date: February 11-15

Location: Orlando, FL

Event website

Modern Data Management Summit

This conference boasts the “hottest topics in master data management, big data analytics, data science, and business facing data-driven applications” and prides itself on actionability and being accessible to everyone from senior execs to professionals in hands-on positions.

Why you might want to show up:

You probably noticed that this isn’t purely a healthcare conference, but hear me out.

With healthcare leaders continually taking cues from other industries, a broad perspective on data management might be what you’re seeking in 2019. Plus, there’s a healthcare track if you want to spend some time in your native industry.

If you want to see what they’re up to before you register, follow the #DataDriven19 hashtag on Twitter.

Date: February 26-27

Location: San Francisco, CA

Event website

Health Datapalooza

Slightly more buttoned-up than the name might suggest, this event will provide a government perspective on the current state of health data.

Hosted in D.C., Datapalooza credits itself with being the event where health data “discussions get real” and where you can experience a big conference feel in an intimate setting.

Why you might want to show up:

If you want to learn through real-world examples and bring home actionable information (and hear the CTO of the HHS speak), this might be the conference for you.

Date: March 27-28

Location: Washington, D.C.

Event website

Becker’s Hospital Review Health IT + Clinical Leadership + Pharmacy

This is Becker’s second annual health IT conference, featuring topics such as optimal use of AI, telehealth, data analytics and population health.

Why you might want to show up:

If you’ve been itching to see Terry Bradshaw or makeup mogul Bobbi Brown speak to an audience of healthcare professionals, you may want to swing by. Beyond that, though, you’ll have access to more than 125 speakers from hospitals and health systems around the country, and more than 80 sessions.

Date: May 2-4

Location: Chicago, IL

Event website

AHIMA’s Health Data and Information Conference

The American Health Information Management Association renamed its flagship event for 2019, and this might be the year you should check out the changes it has made. The conference includes the same educational sessions, networking events, and exhibits as always, but this year, the new name “Health Data and Information” clarifies AHIMA’s role in the industry.

Why you might want to show up:

Details are still emerging, but considering AHIMA’s leadership on information governance, best practices, and frameworks, you may want to put this conference on your short list now.

Date: September 14-18

Location: Chicago, IL

Event website

Healthcare Informatics: Health IT Summit Series

Healthcare Informatics is a mainstay in healthcare IT media, and its event series promises a similar approach to supporting the IT leaders who keep healthcare data flowing. This year, the series is covering topics including population health, cybersecurity, data analytics and changing U.S. health policies.

Why you might want to show up:

If you want to stay closer to home, this series could be just what you’re looking for. Healthcare Informatics partners with provider organizations across the country to host this event and has strong coverage across the lower 48.

Date: Between March 19 and November, depending on location


  • Cleveland, OH
  • San Diego, CA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Nashville, TN
  • Denver, CO
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Boston, MA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Texas

Individual event websites

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