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Will They Stay or Will They Go?


Professional Development

Will They Stay or Will They Go?

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  2. Will They Stay or Will They Go?
Employers are in a battle over talented employees. Here are some workplace transformation tips that will have potential employees breaking down your doors.

Employers are in a battle for the best talent, and the playing field is packed with qualified employees. The problem is not the talent pool — it is attracting and retaining the best candidates. So, how do you do that? What are employees asking of their employers? Just about everything!

‘How Can I Help You?’

Most of us hear this common phrase as consumers. Whether greeted at a retail store or checking into a hotel, “How can I help you?” is a universal query for making someone’s life easier. Today, employers have to take on the role of concierge. They need to recognize the importance of time to their employees. Offering dry cleaning services, booking airlines for personal travel as well as purchasing movie tickets are just a few of the many tasks employers are offering to handle for their staff.

Deloitte’s Edge in Amsterdam is taking it to another level, reports Fast Company. At Deloitte, employees can choose from a group of pre-set meals and pick up the ingredients at the end of the day. No time to get a haircut or manicure? No worries. Offering these services at the workplace means employees can maximize their time at work and use their time off for the fun stuff.

Goodbye, 9 to 5!

Dolly Parton told us that working 9 to 5 was the way to make a living. Today, we operate on a much different timetable. Employers who allow employees flexibility consistently attract and retain the best staff. For instance, shuttles help get people to the office easier — New Balance in Boston even purchased a commuter rail station. Unlimited paid time-off (PTO) is particularly important to working moms, according to Glass Door. PTO is paid time that can be used for any reason determined by the employee. No longer does a working parent have to miss soccer games or ballet recitals. Flexibility in hours and location of the workplace is increasing in popularity. Being able to work from home or arrive a little later means employees can balance their personal lives without being penalized at work.

Showing You Care

CarMax CEO Tom Folliard famously said, “Take care of your associates, they will take care of your customers, and the rest will take care of itself.” But, caring means showing you care, rather than just saying it. Embracing the health movement by including fitness classes, healthy snack options or ergonomic desks is just the beginning. Employers are adding bike racks to parking lots for those who cycle to work. Adding a health care professional on staff allows for fewer employees calling out sick to see a provider. Forbes notes that Google remains No. 1 as the best workplace, with an indoor volleyball court complete with sand.

Relaxing on the Job

Flowers on the desk for the first day seems passe when employees can enjoy a nap at lunch instead. Employers are installing physical amenities to their workplaces to erase the notion that work is not fun. If you’re looking for some shut-eye, pop in a nap room for 30 minutes and emerge refreshed. Grab a fresh cappuccino from the coffee bar, and take five in the employee lounge. Building a sense of community and belonging is not limited to within the organization’s four walls. Office buildings are providing events and opportunities for workers to mingle with employees from different offices and floors.

These perks may seem nice to have, however, they’re quickly becoming the must-haves to keep top talent. Try installing a slide — it might pay off!




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