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Managing Corporate Mail During a Crisis


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Managing Corporate Mail During a Crisis

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  2. Managing Corporate Mail During a Crisis
Managing corporate mail during a crisis requires new tools to create a seamless pathway from data capture to distribution.

Some aspects of corporate life haven’t changed much in the past 50 years. Walk into any accounts payable department, and you’ll still see a stack of paper invoices that have arrived by snail mail or someone licking and affixing stamps to outgoing envelopes. Visit a purchasing department, and purchase orders are sitting there, fresh from the postal service.

A majority of the world’s corporations still run on paper delivered via postal services across the globe. However, COVID-19 has accelerated the need to transform the mailroom. Managing corporate mail during a crisis calls for 21st century tools, not 1950s mail-sorting slots.

Reimagining the Mailroom

The pandemic has forced organizations to reimagine the way they handle mail. With the account manager working from home and the purchasing supervisor holed up in an apartment with a rambunctious 3-year-old, the pandemic has blocked the free flow of mail once it arrives at the office. But, this mail is vital and can’t just sit in a bin, piling up. Considering that 72% of invoices still arrive by mail in paper form, ignoring paper can cause unnecessary delays in payment. Plus, a shocking 80% of organizations still issue paper checks to suppliers.

The last thing any organization can afford is a bottleneck in the mailroom, especially when managing corporate mail during a crisis. This bottleneck can be alleviated by immediately capturing data upon entry into an organization’s ecosystem. Capturing information upon receipt means it will get to its intended recipient quicker, before it has a chance to be misplaced.

Secure the Pathways

It’s important to partner with a company that can not only reimagine the mailroom but also consider the equally essential pathways leading from arrival to destination. These pathways need to be secure, like unbreachable subway tunnels. COVID-19 has exposed all sorts of organizational weaknesses when it comes to data breaches, so securing the pathway is essential.

Reducing mail piling up in bins is a necessary goal, but to establish a genuinely effective mail management plan, you need to understand your organization’s ultimate goals. Is the goal merely speed and streamlining? Is it to ease the workload of senior management? Establish what your goals are from your mailroom management program, and then work with a digitization and documentation partner to make them happen.By partnering with an organization that knows data and every step from curation to destruction and storage, then you’ll be well on your way to a mailroom that does more than receive and send.

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