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Letter From The Editor: Rethinking RIM All Year Long


Records Management

Letter From The Editor: Rethinking RIM All Year Long

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Letter From The Editor: Rethinking RIM All Year Long

All throughout 2021, we’re asking you to continue to rethink how you do business; to be on the alert for new ways of gaining efficiencies and opportunities to make progress solving some of the long-standing Records and Information Management (RIM) barriers. During our recent webinar, the global panel shared how they’re meeting the rethink challenge head on during RIM Awareness month. Here are some takeaways:


Rethink your relationship with paper. 80% of poll respondents said they still are dependent on paper to some degree while 14% said they have moved on, leaving the small balance still heavily reliant on paper. As we ponder how best to manage ever-increasing digital content using automation, we can encourage the destruction of paper records -- and non-records -- sitting in file cabinets, unused for the past year or so (and have met their retention requirement) and destroy paper after imaging (see the Rules of Best Evidence).


Take a fresh look at the data lifecycle. The lifecycle should start with a planning stage to substantiate the legality and efficiency of movement of information through time and phases using techniques such as data protection impact assessments and data flow mapping. It’s essential that we know how assets are captured, verified, approved, distributed, undergo format changes (e.g. for digitisation, publication, preservation), as well as how they are reviewed for retention and destruction, archived, reused or repurposed; if we don’t we are significantly exposed to risk. 


Tackle legacy clean-up. This is a perennial problem. It’s good to see organizations making moves to not only relieve themselves of paper but also review digital records and applications through ROT clean-up and sunsetting. We heard how the proper analysis of records, data and systems can smooth the way for acquiring new information by way of merger and acquisition activities in the real world. However, the advice given applies to all of us struggling with stunning, and often debilitating, amounts of legacy records and data. 


Engage new stakeholders/partners. It’s time to think beyond our long-standing collaborators and introduce ourselves to new stakeholders such as data stewards, business owners and groups responsible for data analytics and artificial intelligence. Engagement with your internal audit team can improve your ability to monitor compliance and create remediation plans. Also, be on the lookout for who is coordinating your remote work strategy; they can use your assistance creating a new way of working!


BTW - the lines were straight.


Have a lovely Spring!



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