Advisory Services And Special Projects

Enforce Consistent Policy – Everywhere
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Advisory Services And Special Projects

Enforce Consistent Policy – Everywhere
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Rely on our services and advisers to keep up to date with evolving industry regulations to help you achieve and maintain compliance.

The enormous proliferation of data in today’s largely electronic healthcare environment requires an information lifecycle management strategy that can keep pace. With Iron Mountain® Policy Center solution, a cloud-based retention policy management platform, you gain a user-friendly tool that simplifies the process of maintaining and updating retention policies and guidelines. As a result, you can:

  • Keep only the information you are required to retain
  • Confidently dispose of information no longer needed
  • Easily and quickly access what you need when you need it
  • Significantly lower your risk of fines
  • Comply with retention laws
  • Save on electronic and physical storage costs

Advisory Services

Enable Health Information Governance

With Iron Mountain’s Healthcare Consulting Services, you will be able to design, build, and execute practical, legally sound health information management policies that can help you advance information governance, meet your compliance obligations and be better prepared to mitigate the risks and costs of potential litigation. Our advisory services include:

Strategic Roadmap Assessments

Iron Mountain® has partnered with AHIMA to leverage the IGHealthrate assessment, so you can identify IG program state of maturity and gaps. We will work with you to develop a roadmap based on prioritized work streams, resource requirements and expected results tied to your key strategic objectives.

Retention and Disposition Program Development

Our Healthcare Consulting Services staff help you create policies that address the ever-changing federal and state regulatory requirements. The result? A proven, legally credible retention and disposition program, reducing costs and risks.

Manage Information Risk

With our expert advice in risk assessment, litigation readiness mapping, and program auditing, you can safeguard your organization from compliance and Discovery exposure. These services can help meet new and emerging compliance challenges, including social media, legacy data clean-up, and email management.

Iron Mountain Information Governance Assessment Service

Whether you are just getting started, and need to help sell the concept of IG within your organization; or whether you are well underway and are looking to optimize results, this brief delivers proven tactics that will enable your health system to make progress on key IG initiatives.


Optimize your Resources

Iron Mountain acts as a seamless extension of your organization, allowing you to focus on your core business. We can support one-time, short-term projects, or on-going, end-to-end solution engagements that allow your staff to better manage their time and resources.

Packing, Purging, and Shifting for Healthcare

Packing/Purging/Shifting: Without regularly scheduled purging and shifting, your file room will quickly outgrow capacity. Purging services free up valuable onsite storage space and ensure that your medical records are managed according to policy. Files can also be compressed to better utilize open-shelf storage space and reduce operating expenses.

Dropfiling and Interfiling for Healthcare

Dropfiling/Interfiling: Keeping up with loose sheet filing and maintaining healthcare records in their proper sequence are critical to effective health information management. With outsourced filing services, your staff is empowered to consistently and reliably dropfile loose papers and interfile records.

Onsite Staffing

With Iron Mountain® Onsite Resources, you’ll be able to leverage short- and long-term staffing services to help augment your existing resources. Through trained and carefully selected resources, you can outsource some or all of your day-to-day information management responsibilities.

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Our Customer Support section can help provide you with the quickest answers to your questions or feel free to contact us at your convenience