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When it comes to implementing one-time, periodic or on-going projects, Iron Mountain’s records management professionals have the expertise you need. 

Are you looking to:
  • Clean out records and other assets currently held onsite so you can regain workspace?
  • Manage a variety of information assets such as media, microform, pathology slides and blocks, x-rays, IT assets and equipment?
  • Conduct an inventory audit for discovery or to purge, retrieve or relocate records?
  • Move your file room offsite?
  • Clean and restore information assets damaged by disaster or environmental contaminants?

Big or small, our project team is ready to help.  We’ll act as a seamless extension of your organization, managing your project from start to finish, providing regular updates along the way, so you and your staff can remain focused on your goals.

Our Project services can serve to your specific business needs. Talk to our experts to learn more.
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How it Works

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Iron Mountain Project Services
Solutions To Help Manage
A Variety Of Records Challenges

Learn how we can help with your specific needs. 

Here are just some of the ways we can be of service:

Records inconsistently stockpiled around the office - in cartons, filing cabinets, open shelving and other storage areas - is not just inefficient - it’s a compliance disaster waiting to happen.   

Iron Mountain specialists will help you:
  • Sort your onsite records inventory 
  • Purge, pack and point-to-point transfer cartons and files from your facility to an Iron Mountain Record Center
  • Pack your records into standard Iron Mountain RFID-ready storage cartons and collect metadata to describe their contents – with an option to individually list each file in the carton - if desired.
  • Securely shred records that have reached the end of their retention

Did You Know?

Nearly two-thirds of companies (63 percent of survey respondents) have records they would like to store offsite but are not doing so because they don't have the resources to prepare the files and cartons.

Source: Coleman Parks research. January 2018 Survey conducted on behalf of Iron Mountain.

Without regularly scheduled purging and shifting, your file room will quickly outgrow capacity. Iron Mountain’s project team can perform selective purges to ensure your organization is only keeping needed files. 

Not looking to just purge? No problem.  We can replicate your file room in a secure, offsite storage environment. We’ll even replicate your processes - for retrievals, refiles and interfiles - all performed by our expert staff, and when you need a file, we can provide electronic delivery thorough imaging services.   

fload the management of your file rooms by leveraging Iron Mountain’s expertise, infrastructure and experienced staff.

Iron Mountain Audit Services provide dedicated space in our Records Centers for conducting audits. Along with space, we can help you inventory your cartons, prepare files and provide support for material handling.

Iron Mountain offers various approaches for auditing your records inventory. Your choice depends upon your organization’s unique needs and objectives, but all lead to the same resolution ‒ satisfying audit requirements by providing proof of your cartons’ location in Iron Mountain Record Centers.

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Learn How Our Auditing Services Can Help You.

Iron Mountain can clean and restore information assets damaged by natural and man-made disasters, contaminants, dust, mold, water or animal infestation.

We can help you:
  • Clean and restore any documents and media damaged by natural and man-made disasters, contaminants, dust, mold, water or animal infestation
  • Protect employees from harmful substances
  • Keep your records and information safe and accessible for the long term
  • Provide what’s required for a litigation event - even if the requested information is damaged
Industry Fact

40% of business do not reopen after a disaster and another 25% fail within a year

Source: United Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Learn how to safeguard your critical information

Iron Mountain Project Services can help with shred events that fall outside your typical program, such as:

  • Imaging projects
  • M&A activity
  • Building consolidation
  • Workforce or community-based shred event 

These services can also include our Secure IT and e-Waste Asset Disposition service (ITAD) to recycle and/or repurpose IT equipment, such as monitors, hard drives and other media.

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Secure Shredding

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Secure IT and e-Waste Disposition Service (ITAD)


Leaders who successfully address the competing demands of controlling real estate costs while providing high-performance workspaces gain a competitive advantage. Iron Mountain® Clean Start can help you reduce the amount of space consumed by physical records. This includes storing or destroying paper records, relocating file rooms offsite, imaging documents and digitizing workflows to reduce your go-forward dependency on paper.

Clean Start- Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain® Clean Start Service

Reduce real estate costs and create a more productive workspace with Iron Mountain® Clean Start

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Our Customer Support section can help provide you with the quickest answers to your questions or feel free to contact us at your convenience