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Helping you achieve hybrid IT success by providing secure, compliant New Jersey data centers and efficient access to carriers, cloud, and IT services.
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Why Choose Our New Jersey Colocation Facility?

Just outside of New York City, our hyperscale-ready campus (former IO Data Center) offers expansion capacity to address even the largest of wholesale needs. Visit the New Jersey data center page.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

We have protected customers like you during times of change for the past 65+ years, including more than 30 years as a data center host to highly regulated public and private-sector organizations. 225,000+ customers trust Iron Mountain.
Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Our security is legend in 54 countries across the globe. Mitigate data center risk with the most comprehensive compliance program in the industry, ideal for global enterprises, hyperscale cloud, financials, healthcare and more.
Data Center as a Service


Need a cabinet? How about a dedicated data center for a new cloud node? NJE-1 delivers a wide-range of colocation services on-demand, optimizing your multi-cloud world. Enable hybrid IT with easy access to carriers, clouds and IT services, Data Center as a Service (DCaaS).


Get capacity, design, campus, infrastructure, and location information by visiting the New Jersey data center page or by downloading the New Jersey data center brochure using the below buttons.


Click on a box below to learn more about the specific colocation services offered at Iron Mountain’s New Jersey data center. Listed from largest to smallest.

Wholesale Data Centers

Wholesale Data Centers

Wholesale data centers include any customer requirement more than 250 kilowatts of power. Our New Jersey colocation offering includes dedicated data centers, build-to-suit, powered-shell, dedicated MOD’s, and select private suites. Learn more…
Build-to-Suit Data Centers

Build-to-Suit Data Centers

A specific type of wholesale data center, build-to-suit allows each customer freedom from land / asset ownership with the customization capabilities of a DIY project. Long-term triple-net leasing. Learn more about our New Jersey colocation facility.
Data Center Modules

Modular Data Centers

At our NJ data center,  MOD’s reduce energy and OPEX waste with PUE as low as 1.2 while providing an added physical security layer – a container that encloses all data center cabinets. Available as dedicated or shared for maximum flexibility. Learn more…
Private Data Center Suites

Private Data Center Suites

Private suites at our New Jersey colocation facility offer the privacy of a dedicated data center at a lower monthly rate. Get dedicated biometric access controls and fully customizable space that is 100% usable - no columns or gear in the suite. Learn more…

Secure Data Center Cages

Secure Data Center Cages

The most frequently requested colocation service provided by Iron Mountain, secure cages can fit in almost any mixed colocation room and provide a physical security barrier for four or more customer cabinets. Learn more about our data center in New Jersey.

Individual Colocation Cabinets

Individual Cabinets

Ideal for emerging companies, single workloads/applications, or network PoP’s (Point of Presence), individual cabinets in our New Jersey colocation facility are easy to procure and quick to deploy with pre-installed cabinets and Starline busways. High-density available. Learn more…
Server Colocation

Server Colocation

Our New Jersey/New York colocation facility offers a diverse marketplace of vetted and approved providers of server colocation, managed IT services, server hosting, bare metal services and more covering customer needs as small as 1U to quarter and half racks. Learn more…
Hybrid IT Enablement

Hybrid IT Enablement

Protect what’s not going cloud in our NJE-1 facility and then connect it to carriers, clouds, exchanges, DIA/MIA, metro cross connects, migration services, remote smart hands services, data center installs, network services and more. Learn more about Iron Mountain New Jersey…




CDN, Cybersecurity & Cloud

Green Data Centers

Low PUE, Renewable Energy, Scalability


Targeting 50% renewable energy for its worldwide operations by 2020, Akamai needed sustainable space in the New York tri-state area. A critical success factor for achieving more sustainable operations included access to wind, solar, or other renewable electricity to power the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform in the New York metro area. Affordability, innovation, and efficiency were vital for this essential data center project.


The new data center, once it is running at 90% capacity, will account for about 6% of Akamai’s total U.S. electricity load and about 4% of its global load, making vast strides toward their renewables target. Cost savings and efficiency gains are certain, helping to make Akamai's operations even more sustainable. Iron Mountain's Green Power Pass allows Akamai to report on the green power they consume at our data centers.


“A critically important aspect of our business case was finding a partner who not only met our renewable energy requirements but also understood what we were trying to do and could help us to achieve our goals. With Iron Mountain, we found a partner who could do all that — in ways that gave us a competitive advantage.” 
- Director of Sustainability, Akamai



Data Center Compliance Across the Globe

Data Center Security and Compliance Badges
View the Iron Mountain DMCA here

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