Seizing the Information Advantage

Seizing the Information Advantage

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How organizations can unlock value and insight from the information they hold. A PwC report in conjunction with Iron Mountain.

Information is the driving force behind every business. Over the course of the last 20 years, the information landscape has transformed beyond all recognition. Our research also found that most organizations lack the required skills, technical capabilities and culture to truly gain the greatest advantage from their information. In fact, three in four businesses extract little or no advantage whatsoever. We uncovered a consistent lack of focus when it comes to organizational investment in the right analytical talent, tools, innovative information-led solutions and value-driven information strategies.

Information never stops. As every minute passes, more is created and we forge more connections to it. But what does that mean for businesses? It’s no longer enough to manage information risk and remain compliant. To compete, organizations need to extract and use the value their information holds. New research from Iron Mountain and PwC, forms the first-ever information value index. Watch the video to find out:

  • What stops businesses from extracting information
  • Who takes ultimate responsibility
  • How the successful are difference
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