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Data Restoration and Migration

Restore archived data when you need it and securely migrate your media into the cloud.
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For many organizations, moving to a cloud environment is a key element to modernize their IT infrastructure. However, skyrocketing data volumes makes it difficult to make that first data ingest into the cloud, or in the event of widespread disruption, recovery of a large volume of data.

Additionally, transmitting large volumes of data through a limited network can take days if not months to complete. And while an organization can increase the size of their network bandwidth, the cost to do so is prohibitive.

Iron Mountain Iron Cloud Data Migration is an Iron Mountain managed data migration service that enables you to move massive amounts of data, in and out of the cloud without the challenges or expense of limited network bandwidth. Using a specially designed appliance, Iron Mountain leverages our security, logistical expertise and chain-of-custody to provide an offline transportation methodology to move large volumes of data for first time cloud ingest or large scale retrieval.

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