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Data Storage Cost Containment Strategies: How to better manage growing data volumes while maximizing IT budget
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Minimize disruption across IT resources, IT budget and IT infrastructure through a managed services model

Data is at the core of every business. As data growth and sprawl has become the norm in todays business, regrettably, IT staff, budget and infrastructure has not grown alongside with it. Enter the rationale for Managed Services.

Iron Mountain Data Restoration and Migration Services is a fully managed solution designed to support the specific needs of your business transformation agenda bridging the gap between physical and digital. It provides seamless, secure access to tape-based information and other forms of physical media while also enabling a high-speed on-ramp to any cloud or any location.

Reduce the headaches associated with Tape Management

While tape-based records are secure and reliable, they require manual processes that are often time consuming and complex. As a result, you could need to use limited IT budget and resources to find information when you need it most. Not any more – more and more businesses are opting for managed services to help identify, move, restore, and migrate data and information stored on tape and other media types.

Iron Mountain Can Help You:

✔  Store Data On the Right Data Tier: Iron Cloud Secure Offline Storage (SOS)  and Offsite Tape Vaulting
✔  Access Data: Data Restoration Services
✔  Move Data: Data Migration Services
✔  Rescue Data: Hard Disk Drive Recovery Services
✔  Dispose Data: Secure IT Asset Disposition (SITAD)

Data Storage Cost Containment Strategies

Watch the IDG CIO webcast to learn how to better manage growing data volumes while maximizing IT budget.

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Managed Restoration

Don’t spend time and money managing legacy systems in order to respond to litigation requests

Litigation requests take time and effort to produce information from a large number of legacy backup tapes. And if you’ve recently upgraded your tape library and backup systems, it will likely require a considerable amount of time to access and read your old tapes using outdated hardware and software.

Iron Mountain can manage the process around finding, retrieving and delivering old data in a readable format in the event of a litigation or compliance request.

Litigation and compliance request? – Easily locate the information regardless systems used to backup that data

Companies are seeing a higher volume of legacy data requests in response to litigation, regulatory investigations and internal requests. But keeping infrastructure for legacy backup tape, database, and email systems tie up valuable space in your data center and are expensive to maintain.

Iron Mountain’s Managed Restoration service helps you restore archived data regardless of the software and equipment used to place that data on the tape and the format of the media. You can be confident that each request to locate information from your backed up data will be handled with precision, professionalism and predictable cost
Restoration and Migration

Media Migration

Ensure you’re complying with your industry regulations on data retention and format

Keeping your company’s data in a secure, current format is a time-consuming and strenuous task. In addition, a host of government regulations, such as SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4, require the creation and storage of numerous types of records for set lengths of time in specific formats under strict security parameters.

Iron Mountain’s Media Migration solution migrates data into the appropriate format and encrypts it without interrupting your everyday data backup practice —without stretching your staff and budget.

Design an appropriate data protection and retention process to mitigate risk

The reality is that the data you may need to compile to satisfy an audit or litigation request could reside in many different locations and media formats spanning decades. And producing that data in the right format can be a daunting task. You need to mitigate the risk of failing to comply or being unable to respond to these requests in a timely manner.

Migrate your business data into the right formats for secured retention and easy access in the future by using the Iron Mountain® Media Migration service. Our experts will help you understand specific regulations and design an optimal media migration and retention process. Having an optimal process will mitigate any audit and litigation risks by keeping the data protected, but easily accessible if it’s needed and all without disrupting the current backup processes and at a predictable cost.

Cloud Seeding and Migration

You’ve made some critical business decisions about how you want to utilize cloud storage. The next step now is getting your data into the cloud.

Leave your Google cloud seeding to a trusted industry expert. We at Iron Mountain are experts in data migration, security, chain-of-custody and we have the high speed infrastructure needed to move your data safely and efficiently.

Iron Mountain makes getting your data into the Google Cloud Platform simple, fast and economical.

Seeding is as easy as 1-2-3
  • Save the data to your choice of media, and ship them to us through your preferred courier service
  • We will upload your data to the Google Cloud Platform using secure, high speed infrastructure, following Iron Mountains secure chain of custody
  • Once that is complete, we can send the hard drive back to you, store it within our vault or securely destroy it
  • Customers come to Iron Mountain because of our reputation as the one to turn to when you need to know that your data is safe and secure.
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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Our Data Migration Services can help you to accelerate your digital transformation efforts with seamless data migration in and out of any cloud or location. Our services provide you the flexibility to retire some or all of your tape infrastructure with options between bulk or on-demand services, and at an affordable and predictable cost.

Learn more about our top Cloud partners:

Data Restoration and Migration Services for AWS

Iron Mountain Data Restoration and Migration Services for AWS is a fully managed tape-to-cloud service designed accelerate your on-ramp to AWS. Enjoy seamless, secure migration and access of legacy tape-based information to AWS and as well as accelerate your journey to the cloud.

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Hardware failures, human errors, software malfunctions, viruses and natural disasters are inevitable. Data loss doesn’t have to be.

In the event your hard drives become damaged, corrupted, misconfigured or accidently formatted, don’t be left scrambling—rest assured knowing Iron Mountain® can quickly and securely recover your data.

Securely and quickly recover data from damaged IT sources and minimize the cost of data loss

Ideal for businesses lacking the onsite expertise or tools, Iron Mountain ® Hard Disk Drive Recovery Service is a fully managed service for retrieving data in a timely manner from compromised IT sources.

Data Recovery engineers are dedicated to the latest techniques and methodologies for prompt, highly skilled data recovery and will tailor a recovery process specific to the urgency of your situation, with work performed either remotely or on-premise. We follow a secure and defensible process that will standup in legal, investigative and eDiscovery scenarios.

Recovery services include:
  • Laptop and desktops
  • Server, network, and RAIDs
  • Mobile and virtual devices
  • All types of files and operating systems 

How To Rescue Data From Severely Damaged IT Assets

  • Be Prepared. Avoid financial and operational impacts of data loss by having a go-to plan for data recovery. Learn more.
$754 billion

Data loss is a $754 billion dollar cost worldwide, with downtime from that loss creating an additional $954 billion dollars cost.

Hard Disk Drive Recovery Services

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