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Iron Mountain strictly prohibits bribery and corruption in any form.

Background Investigation

A background check will be conducted on all temporary workers prior to employment.


Iron Mountain requires compliance with all laws, rules, regulations, company policies, and contractual commitments. Additionally, all vendors must comply with Iron Mountain’s Code of Ethics and Core Values. This includes avoiding theft, forgery, destruction of company records, falsification of expense claims, disclosure of confidential information, misuse of company assets for personal gain, acceptance of bribes, knowingly paying false claims, insider trading, concealing liabilities and losses.


Iron Mountain prohibits fraud of any form


Suppliers may not offer or accept gifts that violate any law or Iron Mountain policy, is not consistent with typical business practices, can be interpreted as a bribe, obligates the recipient to do business with another party, or creates a conflict of interest.

Handling Personnel Data

Suppliers must limit the collection and disclosure of personal data and appropriately dispose of data.

Privacy and Data Protection

Suppliers should comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, company policies, industry standards, and contractual commitments related to data protection, privacy, and the processing of personal data.

Recording Equipment

Unauthorized use of recording equipment at Iron Mountain facilities is strictly prohibited.

Records Management

Employees are responsible and accountable for keeping accurate and complete records of their business activities.


All employees must notify Iron Mountain immediately when a security breach that affects Iron Mountain customers is suspected. Employees must also ensure that all records for which you have access are secure at all times.

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