IT Asset Recycling & Disposition

Rely on a consistent, dependable, secure IT asset destruction process.

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IT Asset Recycling & Disposition

Rely on a consistent, dependable, secure IT asset destruction process.

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IT Asset Recycling & Disposition

A proper IT asset disposal program protects company information and the brand

Technology is evolving rapidly and refresh cycles are shrinking. As a result, the process of IT asset disposition (ITAD) is more complex and introduces significant business risk for you and your organization.

A properly designed IT asset disposition program is one that meets all of your disposal needs while maximizing retired asset value in a secure, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. Iron Mountain offers Secure e-Waste and IT Asset Disposition, with proper logistics and secure chain-of-custody methods to ensure compliance, security and sustainability for all of your products.

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Iron Mountain is the partner you can trust to handle it:

e-Waste Recycling

Feel secure knowing that internationally-recognized standards that ensure compliance with industry best practices for data security, environmental compliance, and Occupational Health and Safety are upheld.

Hard Drive and Tape Destruction

Establish a defensible, documented and repeatable process to prepare, transport and destroy hard drives, backup tapes and other e-waste onsite at your data center or at an offsite destruction facility.

IT Asset Remarketing

Convert your legacy laptops, PCs and other hardware into a new revenue stream while maintaining your information privacy and helping the planet.

Enterprise IT Asset Disposition Programs

Develop a custom program designed for your organization that disposes of IT assets and maximizes value recovery.

Here's how IT Asset Recycling & Disposition works:

SITAD flow

Avoid the chances of a data breach by having a clear strategy for securely destroying, recycling or repurposing media and other IT equipment

The Iron Mountain® Secure IT Asset Disposition solution helps you destroy and recycle or repurpose numerous IT equipment types with reliable, environmentally-friendly and secure services.

The Asset Disposition solutions help you reduce e-waste by destroying and recycling or redeploying a wide variety of IT assets. Plus, with services that include secure logistics with rigorous chain-of-custody processes, you can rest assured that the entire process will be managed securely and conveniently, maximizing the value of the retired assets.

With Iron Mountain, you can:
  • Work with a single, trusted vendor to build and manage your IT asset disposition and media destruction practices following a proven, certified process that is consistently implemented across all of your locations.
  • Have the ability to tailor the program to reflect your company's internal objectives and align with its unique compliance requirements.
  • Rely on a consistent, dependable, secure IT asset destruction process that complies with internal and external regulations and helps you deliver on corporate sustainability initiatives.

Secure e-Waste and IT Asset Disposition

Improper disposal of IT assets puts sensitive information at risk and potential damage to the brand

Regardless of the size or industry of your company, you need a defined process and secure procedures for disposing of retired and non-working assets. Regulatory penalties, a damaged brand reputation and inadvertent disclosures could result from improper methods.

Iron Mountain® Secure e-Waste and IT Asset Disposition (Secure ITAD) services enable you to securely dispose of obsolete IT assets in an environmentally responsible manner and maximize your asset value recovery with industry-leading logistics and secure chain of custody processes.

SITAD at a glance