Pittsburgh Colocation

30+ Years of Colocation Excellence
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Pittsburgh Colocation

30+ Years of Colocation Excellence


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secure Pittsburgh Colocation

Protect your IT infrastructure from inclement weather and unauthorized access with our highly secure, underground colocation facility.

When it comes to choosing a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania colocation provider, confidence is everything. The benefits of colocation are clear:

  • Lower data center total cost of ownership
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced CAPEX
  • More diverse carrier and cloud access
  • Worry-free scalability

How can you address your urgent data center needs, capitalize on these colocation benefits and still sleep well at night?

Choose a proven company that you, your executive team and your entire sphere of influence recognizes as a stable, trustworthy protector of assets that matter. Iron Mountain is that provider. A provider that has established a history of security and competence – with 60+ years of operational excellence, 30+ years of colocation success and strong relationships with 230,000+ companies across the globe.

Iron Mountain’s Pittsburgh colocation offering includes the increased security you would expect and comprehensive compliance support to address exacting public and private-sector requirements. Additionally, market-competitive pricing allows emerging, high-growth businesses to experience the same benefits as Federal Government agencies and the Fortune 1000 enterprise.

Available services include colocation cabinets, cages, suites and dedicated data centers all delivered from Iron Mountain’s underground campus in Western Pennsylvania, 60 minutes removed from the congestion of downtown. Located 220 feet below the earth’s surface, Iron Mountain has unique features and energy efficiency that cannot be matched by in-market competitors.

The colocation data center facility (Iron Mountain WPA-1) is part of a 200-acre Iron Mountain underground campus offering nearly unlimited scalability and includes the resilience, reliability track record, carrier and cloud access and technology you would expect from an S&P 500 services provider. Additionally, Iron Mountain’s data center migration services will help you mitigate the risks of transitioning from an in-house or underperforming colocation facility.

Learn more about the individual features, configurations and other details of Iron Mountain’s Pittsburgh colocation facility, visit the Pittsburgh data center page.

Iron Mountain. Colocate with Confidence.

Why Choose Iron Mountain Pittsburgh Colocation?

  • Proven: 30+ Years of Colocation Excellence, Uptime Certified
  • Relationships: 230,000+ Customers, Including 95% of F1000
  • Predictable Results: Services That Work as Advertised, on Time, on Budget
  • Transparent: Predictable Costs, Easy Remote Management, DCIM
  • Safe: Trusted Brand, Secure, Comprehensive Compliance Support


Flexible Offering for Retail to Wholesale Colocation Needs

Wholesale Data Center  | Iron Mountain

Wholesale Data Centers

Need 50+ cabinets or 250+ kilowatts of IT load? You qualify as an Iron Mountain wholesale data center customer. Benefits include customer-inspired data center design, flexible deployment model, metered "pay-as-you-go" power pricing…
Dedicated Data Centers | Iron Mountain

Dedicated Data Centers

Our largest offering, Iron Mountain dedicated data centers are frequently chosen by enterprise/Fortune 1000 customers, public-sector agencies, technology services providers, large healthcare and financial services…
Private Data Center Suites

Private Data Center Suites

Private suites at our Pennsylvania colocation facility offer the privacy of a dedicated data center at a lower monthly rate. Get dedicated biometric access controls and fully customizable space that is 100% usable - no columns or gear in the suite. Learn more…
Secure Data Center Cages

Secure Data Center Cages

The most frequently requested colocation service provided by Iron Mountain, secure cages can fit in almost any mixed colocation room and provide a physical security barrier for four or more customer cabinets. Learn more about our data center in Western Pennsylvania.

Data Center Services

What is the current state of your IT and data center operations teams? Overworked? Lean-staffed? Would access to on-demand resources be helpful? Have you considered Iron Mountain data center services?

Secure Data Center Cages

Looking for data center capacity for six+ cabinets (30+ kilowatts) with more flexibility and privacy than a standard locking cabinet? Consider Iron Mountain secure data center cages. Secure cages provide additional physical security...
Underground Data Center | Iron Mountain

Underground Data Centers

Iron Mountain underground data centers feature numerous benefits such as natural energy efficiency, reduced risk of man-made disasters, a nearly unlimited floor-load weight capacity and an additional physical security...



Recognized, Respected Brand

Max Productivity:

30+ Years Remote Support Experience


Low PUE, Minimal Waste, Reduced TCO

Predictable Growth:

Long-Term Capacity, Agile Expansion

Mitigated Risk:

Comprehensive Compliance Support


DCIM, Asset Tracking, Metered Power

Data Center Compliance Across the Globe

Data Center Security and Compliance Badges
View the Iron Mountain DMCA here

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Our Customer Support section can help provide you with the quickest answers to your questions, or feel free to contact us at your convenience